Hair styling, sun-damaged
 The most important task after the holiday - hair restoration after exposure to sun, wind, salt water. But it will take more than one day. And you have to be always beautiful, even with the split ends and brittle hair. So - combine care and styling.

Restore smooth hair

Chief assistant: keratin protein and professional treatment.

Lack luster - the main feature of the hair have lost smoothness, became uncontrollably curl, pushitsya.

For hair that are devoid of luster, it is necessary to look for such hairstyles, where there is no flowing hair. While not recover shine, flowing hair would look like a "tow". It is better to make bundles, braids, flagella, and for short - to disguise lack luster beautiful accessories.

Conventional air conditioning often does not get the hair back former smoothness. It takes salon keratin treatments with silk proteins (called sericin), plant extracts and vitamins.

 Hair styling, sun-damaged

Restoring hair volume

Chief assistant: shampoo and conditioner for the hair volume, jellies for volume, hairspray, texturing powder.

The process begins in the shower with choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. To combat the weighted and non-positive hair, use a shampoo and conditioner for hair volume, the best of a series.

The next step - the choice of styling tools. Select jelly for volume, apply to damp, towel-dried hair and blow dry with a round brush comb, and then attach each section to the Velcro rollers. When the hair is completely cool, shake his head and spread to the hair hairspray strong hold.

If your hair is still "fall", the fastest way to fix it - use dry texturizing spray. Bend your head down, apply a dry spray and pour over a jet dryer. Pull hair into a loose high bun, secure skewer kebab. Let your hair cool down. After 10 minutes, remove the skewer, shake his head and put a few "zilch" hair spray on hair roots for fixing volume.

Restoring the hydration of hair

Chief assistant: moisturizing conditioner, moisturizing mask.

Dry and brittle hair can appear even in those who had had the opposite elastic and movable hair. To prevent dryness often possible if you use thermal protection products and not to include hot tools (such as curling irons and hair) at full capacity. But now the council will need only the following summer, and now the task is to quickly get rid of the problem.

The key to the solution - good air conditioning. Start with the fact that, apply a small amount of conditioner on your hair, cover the hair with a towel and hold for 10-15 minutes. It is more convenient to do it in the shower. Another important product - the hair mask. It should be done within 5 minutes 2-3 times a week. As part of the assets - oil and lipids. If prefer improvised means, the ingredients may be olive oil or coconut oil.

After good wetting hair may be less bulky than usual. Simultaneously, the wave is unlikely to last long. So just healthy and loose hair or trim a beam - that's the best styling.

 Hair styling, sun-damaged

Getting rid of the oily hair

Chief assistant: shampoo for volume of hair, dry shampoo.

In addition to dry, summer vacation can lead to a completely opposite effect - to the fat content. This is facilitated by the sweat, excess sebum, moist tropical air. How to recover?

Avoid shampoos weighting (this shampoo with oils), choose shampoos for hair volume with ingredients such as green tea, lemon juice, lemongrass. These shampoos clean the hair and remove excess fat. After shampooing, apply conditioner, but only on the ends of her hair.

You will also need a dry shampoo. He will serve a dual purpose: to remove the fat from the hair and secure stacking. Choose dry shampoos that are specifically designed for oily hair, they are composed of special degreasing components, for example, nettle or mint. Dry shampoos for oily hair to absorb oil in just 25 seconds. Apply dry shampoo on his head, and style your hair as usual, hairdryer, ironing, forceps or regular comb.

Restore faded and chlorinated hair

Chief assistant: silicones, vinegar, lemon juice, oil for hair.

It not only resulted in fading sunlight and chlorinated water and sea salt. Hair became very sensitive to further exposed to the sun, and yet there is still a lot of sunny days. And to protect the already faded hair should be special attention. For this use indelible products based on silicone. And laying do this to as little hair under the sun: low beam fits best.

After resting you will definitely need a clarifying shampoo, conditioners with apple cider vinegar. Make as a rinse: water + sparkling citrus juice. Such rinsing remove chlorine and clarify color.

Another product - hair oils. They are specially designed to restore all properties of the hair, including color and tone. And only after the course of treatment of the oil staining proceed if you want to go back to "own" color.
Author: Tamara