Hairstyles Trends for Spring / Summer 2012
 With the advent of spring awakening and warming rays of the summer, we always begin to think about their own transfiguration. Changes that occur in nature at this time, change our way of thinking. And in an effort to follow the desires to enjoy carefree gusting breeze and sunshine, have aspirations and imperturbable, we involuntarily begin to change in appearance.

Often, the first signs of "awakening" of any of the female body during the spring-summer season are natural color, shine in the eyes, looseness. At the same time emphasize the features of the new image after the winter changes each of us ... always helps properly chosen hairstyle.

 Hairstyles Trends for Spring / Summer 2012

A little bit about the role of hair in the transfiguration
Getting used during the winter cold to hide the hair under warm hat in the spring we are experimenting with different ways of stacking, adapting mentally to seasonal changes of weather. And fills the domestic cosmetic fashionable mousses, foams and other tools to help make head of hair volume and a magnificent view.

 Hairstyles Trends for Spring / Summer 2012

It is noteworthy that this time of year it hairstyles (along with the new fashion accessories and light dresses) accentuate the drop-down tenderness and originality of any girl. Therefore, focusing on those that are most suited to you now, you can feel free to think of his new style touches, carefully developed for the coming beach season.

Classic and timeless as the basis for this year's hairstyles
Of course, understanding the best spring-summer installation at each of our own. And many agree that it is heavily dependent on the method of the warm season, and its goals. However, you should know that there are a number of models hairstyles that for the past several decades are out of fashion (and with the appearance of new styling tools are changing only how to create them).

Many of them were showcased at the fashion shows of recent months. And naturally become trendy. I suggest to get acquainted with a short list of varieties and modern methods of laying.

Option 1: Pigtail-network.   Different models have long been considered the traditional braid a kind of standard of beauty in the post-century Slavic style. And at the same time, it is often used to highlight specific features elegant Greek women and representatives of other nations with a long history. For braided in a pigtail lush locks look well-groomed and show the natural meekness (tenderness, care) of his owners.

 Hairstyles Trends for Spring / Summer 2012

The image of the princess with a romantic styling was presented recently at a fashion show Valentino. And it has been recognized, according to fashion-projected ideal for the May thaw.

The technique of creating.   Thanks to an extensive selection of styling "devices" today, even holders of thinning hair have the opportunity to create a circular "braid", characteristic for this image. And give her help unprepossessing curls classic - a neat and perfect - look.

Before her weaving stylists recommend to owners of all types of hair evenly on wet hair styling advance base (low-fat mousse), able to give the flowing tresses structure. And drier them dry with a round brush (without increasing the volume).

By the way, thanks to this simple procedure, as well as additional devices (tapes, colored studs) can achieve much effect familiar braids.

Then, according to the standard procedure of creating braids, you must select a bunch of hair slightly to the right top and divide it into three strands. And proceeds to a Friend weaving, weaving strands permitting skills from the bottom up. Adding at the same time in the same manner the remaining locks.

Plait braids such a sample should be moving in a circle in the following order - right ear - forehead - left ear - head. The remaining hair to give hair completeness, it should pull the rubber band and lock pins or invisible in a concise beam. However, the length of the permitting, you can experiment with the improvement of the described type of installation.

 Hairstyles Trends for Spring / Summer 2012
Note.   Note that the strokes of slight negligence are considered in this trendy hairstyle today. But creating them, of course, should be skillfully.

Option 2: "Freedom 70".   So it can be called flowing, slightly tousled locks, painted in fashionable shades.

 Hairstyles Trends for Spring / Summer 2012

In contrast to the modest braids, this hairstyle is identified with the spirit of freedom of 50-70-ies of the last century - the time, the famous disco fever reign rock and partial introduction of unisex fashion. And, of course, it has every chance now (in the age of new tools for curling and dyeing strands) once again become a trend among youth.

The technique of creating.   Those who choose this hairstyle as the basis for his new style, it is recommended to paint a few curls in a trendy shade, combined with the color of the hair. In the first phase of the installation must be washed gently curled tresses stylers. Then, head down, comb your hair and tousle to maximize their volume.

Note.   Secure volume and ensure durability hairstyles at the time of disco and other youth activities may be using a special spray gel proven brand. A long time to keep the effect of colors - by a properly sized spray colored hair (to protect the color and shine).

Option 3. "Forever Young."   This name can be given a distinctive hairstyle students (and adults 'schoolgirls', in which the soul is never more than 18). The main highlight of it - in a careless and spectacular front strands, which this year became part of many model images on large-scale shows.

 Hairstyles Trends for Spring / Summer 2012

The technique of creating.   To create such a major part of the hair hairstyles simply lay back in a bun (or braid pigtail round), while leaving the front a few thin strands. And strengthen these same strands, giving them a trendy look with the help of easy-care mousse.

Note.   Eliminate the problem of split ends on the front curls (hairstyle can ruin the effect) can be regularly treating them with a special regenerating elixir.

Option 4: "Footprints in the water." Under this common name is now known for trendy hairstyles from the wet hair of any length. They are considered to be optimal for long-haired girls.

 Hairstyles Trends for Spring / Summer 2012

The technique of creating.   Podium shows provide an opportunity to understand that the laying of the moist curls should look, first of all, well-groomed. Thus, the most exquisitely wet hair look in the stacked form (for example, braided in a ponytail). After all, when you create an effect of stylish wet footprints on top.

In addition to special funds for moisturizing and smoothing shampoo, stylists recommend to use when creating special creams (which makes obedient and silky tresses).
Author: Alla Pilipenko