How to obtain silk strands of Hollywood?
 The Hollywood beauty salons, and all over the world one of the most popular services is becoming keratin hair straightening. A native of Brazil, is a miracle. They admire how glamorous celebrities and ordinary fashionista. What's his secret? And it is perfect?

The full name of this technology - Brazilian keratin treatment (from the English. Brazilian Keratin Treatment - BKT) and in our opinion - BCL. It can not only straighten unruly hair, but also to cure hair from such common problems as split ends, breakage and loss of hair, a tendency of electrified and so on. In contrast to the usual for us electric ironing and chemical straightening, BCL operates much gentler and safer. Among fans keratin treatments - Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, Rachel McAdams, Salma Hayek and other Hollywood beauties.

"Educate" the hair

The method - the saturation of the additional liquid hair keratin - a natural protein, animal or vegetable origin - with the addition of special mitigation solutions. Keratin is important for hair health. But for a number of reasons (lightening, perming, ultraviolet rays, highlighting, etc..) Strands lose this useful item. BCL is able to compensate for the loss and get your hair a healthy shine.

 How to obtain silk strands of Hollywood?

The procedure helps to smooth recalcitrant curls, moisten them, to saturate with oxygen, to emphasize color. After her hair just do not know - "harmful dandelion" on the head is transformed into silky, smooth and obedient strands, which can be enjoyed from three to six months. Brazilian straightening can be done as normal, natural and chemically-treated hair, passed highlighting, coloring, him.zavivku, carving and so on.

 How to obtain silk strands of Hollywood?

Without ironing not do

BCL starts with washing your hair with a special shampoo that thoroughly cleans the hair of excess fat and dust. This will allow the keratin composition faster and better penetrate the hair structure. The locks were then dried and slightly from their roots to the tips of applied professional tool for the BCL. The longest part of the procedure - "sealing" of keratin. This is done by ironing heated to 200-300 degrees. It is important to walk through each of the strands of 3-7 times, to how to fix the keratin.

 How to obtain silk strands of Hollywood?

As a nice bonus, often in the BCL includes flavors, so do not be surprised if during the "ironing" hair zablagouhayut chocolate, strawberry and so on. After the hot part of the procedure on a slightly wet hair superimposed special, nourishing mask. Five minutes later, she washed off. Before the final drying the hair is treated with moisturizing serum. At the end you can offer to buy shampoo without sulfates - substances washed out keratin. This detergent will help to prolong the effect of BCL.

Not all so smoothly ...

In this wonderful procedure has a number of drawbacks. And not only in its high costs (5 000) and duration (about 3 hours). In Canada and in a number of European Union countries it has been prohibited by law BCL health due to the high concentration of chemicals that make up for rectification. They can detect silicone, glyoxal, various aldehydes, including formaldehyde, which negatively affect the structure of the hair and on health in general.

 How to obtain silk strands of Hollywood?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, carefully read the composition of the vial, intended for BCL, and trust only professionals and licensed products, quality controlled. But even after properly conducted procedure sometimes ends of hair fall off. From this misfortune can save a haircut hot scissors.

After BCL recommended for two days to leave her hair alone - do not wash, do not use headbands, hairpins, glasses, do not braid braid, erect tufts and tails. Two weeks worth the wait with coloring, highlighting, and so forth. Chemical manipulation of hair.

Some useful facts:

- Owners of curly hair to achieve the desired effect of rectifying BCL should be done every 2-3 months.

- If your hair is colored, use the BCL to be with a break of not less than every 3-4 months.

- BCL is not recommended for children under six years old, as well as women waiting for the baby or breast-feeding.

- Within 3-4 days after the BCL should not be allowed to become wet hair.

- BCL is only done for all scalp hair, and not partially.

- Haircut better outline the BCL after, not before. So it is possible to correct deficiencies hair ends and successfully complete treatment.

Despite the attractive Brazilian straightening effect is better not to repeat more than once a month.
Author: Albina Rogov