I want a nice hairstyle
 It is no secret that our appearance depends not only on clothes and makeup, but also, to a large extent, on the hair. Of course, the hairstyle, done in a beauty salon, a specialist will be different beauty and perfection. However, far from always to to visit the salon there is an opportunity, and then we need to get out as best we can - to cheat, nachёsyvat, slaughter. Ability to create color something decent with a comb and a hair dryer can not hurt any woman.

There are several factors that determine the impression that produces hairstyle:

*   First, select hairstyle - It is the foundation on which we will create their hairstyles, at least, not yet fully grown hair.

And here without the help of a good hairstylist is hardly possible to do. It is he who hears and understands your wishes (may be slightly confused and not completely clear to you yourself), look professional evaluate the condition of your hair, will take into account the shape and facial features, age, shape and will suggest the best option haircuts, which will satisfy you and eyes please.

Haircut You literally can change beyond recognition - you can postroynet visually lose 5-10 years, or, conversely, to acquire solidity. If you have a shape close to an oval face - you're lucky, this type of person is considered ideal. And you will go almost every hairstyle.

Well, if you, for example, a round face? Too short haircuts you desirable, but the medium-length hair, covering his ears, looks much better. Suit cascading hairstyle with side parting, when the hair close some part of the face and cheeks. Straight hair with some volume at the roots of the hair can make you look more slim.

 I want a nice hairstyle

  If your age is close to the elegant, then you will most likely recommend a short cut, although there may be nuances. Yes, of course, short hair visually increases the amount of hair, which is important in adulthood when the hair is already starting to thin out, moreover, short hair tend to appear more strong, healthy and well groomed. Also, short hair give a younger look. However, it is only when it is properly matched.

Very convenient for ladies of any age haircut cascade on medium hair length. This form will help to visually enlarge the volume of the hair and make it less noticeable slightly blurred contour of the face. In combination with light hair color this hair will refresh and hand casts few years.

Cascading haircuts suit in the case if you have a narrow elongated face, only a ladder of hair should start from the eye level and allocate asymmetric ragged edges.

 I want a nice hairstyle

*   The second factor that affects the beauty of hairstyles, it condition your hair Their health and appearance. And then almost everything in your hands. For hair to be healthy and look attractive they need to wash, comb, care for the scalp to heal, if you want, etc.

An important role in the "life" of the hair plays a right choice of shampoos and conditioners. If your hair is fragile and brittle, respectively, the funds are necessary in a series of "fragile and brittle hair" is generally soft, Shampoo. For oily hair their funds - strong cleaning. For thin weak hair should choose a shampoo with a high content of keratin and of which consists of almond milk and apple pectin, a substance that strengthen fine hair.

However, no matter how good were not care, and which would not have been carefully treatments for hair, their effectiveness may be crossed by misuse or rough combing hair dryer.

*   The third factor is the very packing   hair haircut.

Quality hair styling possible and at home, but to fulfill it, you must know not only the general rules and methods of procedure and to have the necessary tools, styling and accessories. It is necessary to take into account some of the subtleties of styling it for your hair type.

 I want a nice hairstyle

The most difficult to put beautiful Thin hair   Stylists strongly recommend to owners of fine hair to dwell on the geometric haircuts with a clear outline of medium length .  Very short hair will be difficult to establish the amount due, and a long thin hair is difficult to give a well-groomed appearance .  Create volume - the main task of implementing hairstyles for fine hair .  Perm or utyuzhok ripple will not work in this case, and in general from all the aggressive acts of violence (hot hair, fleece, styler) should be discarded, the hair will be the result of such impacts only even thinner and weaker .  What to do? Ideal - the use of high-quality hair dryer with ionization function gently, brushing (round brush) with a natural bristle brush, and all kinds of cosmetic products that give hair volume: mousse, foam and liquid styling .  To give your hair volume of washed and dried hair a little sprinkle spray volume, or apply a little mousse, and only at the roots, and then lay the hair dryer, holding it right over your head .  Use a diffuser .  Due to air directed to the roots, thin hair lifted, allowing you to make hair more volume .  For fine hair fit the lightest texture styling and a small lock .  Strong fixation overload (weights) thin hair .  From wax refuse uniquely its dense texture turn thin hair into sticky "icicles" .

Styling fine hair you can use hair curlers. This is perhaps the most gentle method of laying. Almost dry hair, lightly sprinkled with a spray fixative, it is necessary to wind the curlers and allow to dry. Stacking is almost ready.

Thin hair needs special care and combing. Natural bristle brush - your choice. Every evening, perform a kind of massage of the head, combing hair for 5-10 minutes.

Do not hold the thin hair on the "starvation diet", they are like no others in need of food. Prepare a wonderful mask at home. In the whipped egg yolk, add a little lemon juice and a few tablespoons of burdock oil. Leave the weight on the hair for an hour and then wash them thoroughly with warm water.

Curly hair

Curly hair - is in any case not a disadvantage, but we can say a gift of nature. Firstly, they have not zhirneyut and can be washed less frequently, and secondly, they look beautiful even without any styling, thirdly, they are not as noticeable possible flaws haircuts. However, curly hair often rebellious and curled like themselves so wish, without paying attention to your efforts to give the desired shape hairstyle. Yes, and humidity can cause hair in a mess. Curly hair tends to be dry, so it is sensitive to humid air - they seemed to reveal to meet him, absorbing the necessary moisture and lose the form that you have given them.

 I want a nice hairstyle

Excessive dryness of curly hair often leads to a cross-section of the tips, but do not despair, this phenomenon can be fought. If time is short haircut and need urgent help to the following procedure. Before shampooing, apply to hair ends restoring a five-minute mask. Then wash your hair shampoo and conditioner, - until the end of the day the hair ends are Gorny and obedient. To treat excessive dryness once a week for a month do thermal wraps. Heat the olive oil, add the lemon juice, a tablespoon of oil on a teaspoon of juice. Apply the mixture in the form of heat to the hair, put on plastic cap and a warming cap.

Of course the most radical way to combat cross-section of the tips - a haircut, but not too short. Curly hair is not recommended to cut very short haircut, in this case often look messy and constantly hair stick out in different directions, stubbornly resisting your efforts to put them right. For curly hair is best suited multilevel haircuts medium length. Oh, and do not forget about hoops for hair - for your curly hair - is the perfect accessory, especially if the time for a thorough styling is not enough.

Long hair

  For long hair, you can offer a variety of beautiful hair - can be sexy curls, chic curls, or tie a ponytail. To haircut turned out exactly as you have imagined it must be pre-trained to do it at home. Any hairstyle on long hair, if they are well maintained, it will look good.

 I want a nice hairstyle

Very romantic look styling long hair waves. With some training and finger dexterity to create waves is not so difficult. Hair should be washed, drench gel and comb the comb with a few teeth. Then make a neat side parting and lay two large waves on the forehead on both sides of the parting, using the index and middle fingers. Secure wave clips and gently dry the hair dryer. The ends of long hair, not involved in these waves, divide by fifteen - twenty major strands turn each fingers and wind on rollers or small curlers. Dry hair, carefully remove the clips and hair curlers, hair comb rare groove, and ends of the hair, rub a small amount of foam for packing.

Creating hairstyles, it's certainly a creative process, leaving plenty of room for our imagination. Still, try not to change the three rules of selection of haircuts and hairstyles - this is some moderation (that will not let you look ridiculous), ease of execution (which saves time), and harmony, that is, meets all your appearance, face type, hair and etc. If you are not sure, consult with a professional stylist, and he will help you find the right solution, well short of mousses, gels and other means of hair styling today is not observed.
Author: Olga Travleeva