One bang - many styles
 Still doubt whether you need a bang? A stylists respond unequivocally: need. Because it provides a wealth of options for styling, including the following, which you had to bang.


For a start - a few tips for those who decided to wear bangs.

1. If you cut off a fringe first, then we suggest you contact a professional in the salon. After bangs starts to grow, you will be able to edit it yourself. They decided to cut bangs at home - keep reading.

2. Find the right tools for cutting. Scissors must be kept sharp, preferably new. Buy a good pair of scissors designed for cutting hair, the store items for hairdressers and beauty in his shop. You will also need a good comb, hair is not electrified.

3. Do not cut wet hair! It can only do the pros. Fans better to cut dry hair, although it is more difficult (wet hair easier to shearing). Mowing on wet hair without specific skills and experience may be too short, and the result will disappoint you.

4. Before cutting make styling. Try to put your hair the way you wear (add volume mousse, lay on the middle and so on.), At least approximately. And only after that Trim - you will be immediately clear exactly where you need podkorotit bangs.

 One bang - many styles

5. Remove the hairs that are not part of bangs that they are not accidentally grab shearing. It is best to use pins, clips or elastic, then nothing will interfere with the operation.

6. Determine the length of? Hold the hair between your fingers (index and middle) and pull them out. The benchmark for the scissors are your fingers, keep bangs before your eyes, and look at your hair rather than the reflection in the mirror. Cut need lower fingers rather than above.

7. The cut off short with small movements. Do not try to immediately remove a lot of hair. When the bulk of the hair otstrizhena - Treat edge as you'd like: sharp or fringe.


Be sure to do everything right, parting with a long fringe. Because you expect a real discovery - bangs can be laid in various ways, and it is you'll never get bored.

1. Hairpins

It is very difficult to style bangs, if the hair is dirty. And bang, they are already established by the end of the day. Various clips and headbands - is a subject, not only for long hair. They are salutary for those who wear bangs. Because it is a some new styling options.

- You can stab bangs straight back, fixing invisible. Help simulate long hair and a variety of rims - bright decorative or hidden thin.

- Hair will be especially feminine if put fringe on one side and stick pins (one or more) - a true Hollywood glamor!

 One bang - many styles

Use this type of styling for work or school - you will feel very comfortable.

2. Straighten

This style also did not take long. You will need a styling cream (better thermal protection to prevent damage to the hair) and the hair iron. Straightening of hair will be slightly longer than the volume, so we can take the scissors and cut a couple of millimeters bangs just before you leave home.

 One bang - many styles

3. Curling

In the 80s and 90s of the last century was in vogue a strong wave. But if you're not a supporter of retro, use large tongs or curlers styling bangs. Curling helps to cope with the long bangs, it makes it a little shorter, and the hair does not interfere with the eyes. Curly bang easier to style a hairpin or parted, so that this type of installation is useful to you often. Effectively looks twisted wiring bangs. On wavy hair style to make this easier, the curl will last longer.

 One bang - many styles

4. The leave-in conditioner

Products labeled "Leave-in", seems to have been created for the bangs. They not only continue to care for the hair until the next washing, and add the desired texture of the hair. After washing, dry the hair. Then apply spray indelible means before brushing. Hair immediately become soft, supple, moisturized. The same technique will help get rid of unwanted curls (if any unruly curly locks).

 One bang - many styles

For good laying bangs really should be well hydrated. Therefore, once or twice a week, use the air conditioner deep action. Do not use conditioners and air conditioning close to the roots of hair, so as not to burden the bangs.

5. tapering

This type of hairstyle can be attributed to the element placement. If tired of monotonous long bangs, you can cut it at various angles, forming the end pryadok different angles. This technique gives volume and three-dimensionality. And the image of one moment can be cocky and a bit perky.

By the way, this method can be a good option if you want to get rid of the bangs and grow it. Stylists say fundamental mistake when wanting to grow a bang, we did stop her cut. Even in this case, you have to cut bangs every 6 weeks, and for ease of installation is best not to cut all the hair completely, and "sharpened" (as it is called hairdressers) each strand, leaving the overall length and reducing the volume of the ends.

 One bang - many styles

6. Nabok

The new trend of wearing bangs to one side is a secret haircut. Ask your stylist or make it yourself: trim the bangs a bit of an angle, so it will naturally be laid on one side and frame the face. It looks feminine and natural.

 One bang - many styles

7. Kos

Long bangs can be into a tiny braid pigtail (French, Dutch or Russian) and attach a thin rubber band and a hairpin. This method of installation can be advised to do the dirty hair (in the rest of the hair, apply a dry shampoo). This hairstyle by Carey Mulligan should inspire you. Before weaving treated hair gel to the hair braids are not jumped out, and after netting secure all varnish.

 One bang - many styles

Author: Vasilisa Cousin