Save laying in conditions of high humidity and heat
 These tips will be relevant not only for the traveler who plans a trip to tropical countries with a humid tropical climate. In our cities, too, are very hot and humid days when hair loses its smoothness and freshness. How to deal with it?

Mainly, the problem of humidity for those who want to keep straight and smooth hair. Because in such circumstances the hair begin to curl, blow "falls", the structure changes. But even gets curly hair - they also lose their quality inconvenience. In general, the problem is clear to many. So - proceed to its solution.

Tip One: Always use conditioner

Stylists are advised to use the shampoo in wet klarifaing days. But mandatory product is air-conditioned. He must have good moisturizing properties. When the hair is well moisturized, they do not react so strongly to the outside humidity, because they lack their moisture. Pushitsya and wet hair will curl less.

Tip Two: Protect your hair from drying out

As mentioned above, change their hair texture of moisture when they are insufficiently moistened. And it solves the problem of not only moisture, but also protection against evaporation. These products include thermal protection spray for hair. Although he created to protect against heat styling, but you can use it and if you are not using irons and tongs. Heat protective sprays and mousses - the best styling products for wet days.

Tip Three: Use sprays Anti- Frizz

This is a special product that protects against scrolling and pushing the hair from humidity - spray or serum. However, there is one more recommendation - a tool only works when the product little. If you overdo it, the anti-frizz agent will not act. With special care to apply at the roots, otherwise too, will backfire.

 Save laying in conditions of high humidity and heat

Tip Four: We need a modern hairdryer

If you dry your hair dryer, you can feel the difference, which provide modern dryers with infrared and ionic technologies. This hair dryer is working to prevent the unnecessary curls, the hair does not dry and not "fries" them.

Tip Five: Do not touch the hair

During drying, try not to touch the hair with his hands, but simply dry air stream. Touch trigger hair to curl. By the way, in addition to the ionic technology has tips on dryers with special smoothing function Anti-frizz.

Tip Six: Dry the hair completely

Everyone knows that the installation will not be held if the hair is completely dry. And this condition should be respected not only when you need a persistent curl. But if there is the opposite problem: to keep hair smooth and prevent pushing and curly hair. If the hair is not dry or completely cooled after termoukladki - any haircut will not be held, and when moist air hair sadden surprises.

 Save laying in conditions of high humidity and heat

Tip Seven: Finish laying the cold stream

The right way to protect your hair from the effects of humidity - to finish drying the hair jet of cold air. Cool air "seal" the cuticle, gives hair as if "remember" the shape.

Tip Eight: Go on a suitable hairstyle

Sometimes all the remedies are not able to withstand high humidity. Think about how to give up the loose, freely flowing hair. Ponytails, braids and beams - a good solution in a humid climate. Better to choose the hairstyle when the hair is not in contact with the back of the neck, the heat and humidity of sweat is always greater, he immediately makes hair curl. You can use hair clips and headbands that at least the person to maintain smooth curls.

Tip Nine: Use wax

That this product along with a leave-in conditioner, - must-have for the climate with high humidity. Take the wax with a hair to the right moment to quickly correct unruly hair and shoving. Wax - product lines and smooth hair. But if you need to keep the curl, then we must act in a different way: apply a little mousse to the hair before drying.

Tip Ten: Apply the shampoo without sulfates

This general rule for all the hair, and protection from humidity is also important that the hair is not exposed to chemicals.

Tip Eleven: Comb in a special way

Completely eliminate touching and scratching during the day, in most cases, impossible. There is an interesting trick: Treat a comb with hair and comb as usual. During the day, act the same way.

Council of the Twelve: What should be a beautician

In hot and humid days bring: zavivochnuyu anti-serum, hair spray in the travel package, as well as a comb, which will help distribute the products through the hair, without touching them.

 Save laying in conditions of high humidity and heat

One last tip: do not worry, if the effect of humid climate has greatly changed the hair. As a rule, it does not look so bad, but on the contrary - quite lovely. A few days a year and you can walk with swirls.
Author: Tamara