Secrets to otpusknits: styling, make-up, manicure
 Stacking without a hair dryer, make-up without your favorite lipstick and nail art with just one nail polish - it is in such a situation you may find yourself on vacation. And it does not hurt to create a beautiful and effective way.


In summer, least of all I want to expose the hair dryer hot air or hot parts of forceps. And, going on vacation, there is no need to bring gadgets to heat styling. Because there are at least three ways to put hair this summer without using a hair dryer.

1. Beach wave without heat styling.   And note, without expensive texturizing spray. Hair should be slightly damp, towel-dried, but not wet. Take a little oil or serum for hair and spread on damp hair. Wait until the product is completely absorbed. This is followed by taking thin strands of hair, twist them and retain flagella-hairpin clip. Hold for at least 1 hour. The result will give a very strong and steep waves, but adds a wavy texture. And the hair will look natural.

 Secrets to otpusknits: styling, make-up, manicure

2. Corrugated night styling.   Wash your hair in the evening, at night. Just towel dry. And do not braid tight braids. With thick hair - 4, with fairly thin 2 braids. The next morning you wake up with a slight wave and shiny hair.

3. The smoothness of using the air conditioner. Hair conditioner is playing in the summer a dual role: it moisturizes the hair, but can also be a good styling tool. Well hydrated hair is twisted from the heat and sweat, are smooth and shiny. It is best to use a leave-in conditioner to smooth and moisturize the hair. But if such a product is not, then there are alternatives available, for example, 1 time per week you can sleep with the oil on the hair, then wash your hair and enjoy their brilliance and moisturized all week (this can wash your hair at least every day, oil treatment is long-term effect). Another option is homemade leave-in conditioner as follows: mix the usual air conditioning and lightweight styling gel. Not applied to the roots and the ends and the lower half of the hair.


In the summer, especially on holiday, you want to experiment with new makeup shades and styles. At the same time I do not want to take with you on vacation suitcase full of cosmetics. Exit - multitasking and optimum palette of products.

 Secrets to otpusknits: styling, make-up, manicure

1. BB-CC-cream or cream instead of tonal products.   The primer, concealer, moisturizer, foundation - all of these products will replace only one modern multi-tasking product. For the distribution of the product does not require brushes or sponges, to be applied as a means of usual day cream. And another bonus, which gives the product as a cream or BB-CC-cream - is sunscreen.

2. Powder   - Only for oily skin. And those who have a normal, dry or combination skin, powder is not required. Feel free to leave your home.

3. bronzer   - Instead shadow, blush and bronzer, and even instead of the tone means. It is best to handle all these tasks cream product. It is more stable and can be easily mixed with moisturizer, BB-cream or any lotion. The intensity varies by the thickness of the coating. Distributed cream product with your fingers or a damp sponge.

4. Complete the makeup just two shades of lipstick   - And you can create a variety of images. One shade - dramatic, intense (raspberry, plum, ruby), and a second bright and bright (coral, rose, carnation). Mix them together, add one of the products on the cheeks or eyelids, and even the Light the tips of the lashes.

5. A good cream liner   natural dark brown replace your eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, and even mascara (Stick can tint cilia).


To go with the usual manicure nude or classic red - on vacation rather boring. I would like to change. But this absolutely does not want to spend time on it. That's cool and simple solutions, choose your:

1. Stickers for nails. Buy a set (or more) fun nail stickers and enjoy their design. To the joy lasted longer - always attach stickers transparent protective varnish.

 Secrets to otpusknits: styling, make-up, manicure

2. Mini kits varnishes.   Generally, in sets of four harmonic tone. Takes the place about as much as a bottle of classic volume. How to wear them? Each shade - on a single nail. This principle is popular, try to rest.

 Secrets to otpusknits: styling, make-up, manicure

3. One bright color. Select neon! Paint your nails the whole - is a dynamic image, make edging along the edge of each nail - get elegant design and make moon manicure with just a single color - highlight himself as a super-trend of individuals.

 Secrets to otpusknits: styling, make-up, manicure

Author: Tamara