Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles
 In pursuit of the youth do not immediately solved the difficult beauty treatments - try to start to experiment with their hair. We offer to meet with several options of hairstyles that can visually reduce your age and refresh your appearance.

1. shoulder-length hair

 Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles

This hairstyle is suitable for almost all women regardless of their age. Slightly disheveled haircut shoulder length will look great on very young girls and mature women. It is ideal for owners of straight hair. Very curly hair for so long can "tame" with gel and a hair dryer. It is important not to overdo it with bobby pins and ornaments, they must be concise, otherwise youthful-fresh way to become a serious, infantile.

2. Straight, smooth hair

 Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles

Gwyneth Paltrow loves to straighten your hair, it is her very oval face. Straightening the entire length of the hair well rejuvenate and give some flavor to the image. It does not matter, whereby you manage to achieve smooth hair - using the ironing at home or salon keratin treatments. For a perfectly smooth hairstyles are not permitted split ends hair.

3. Romantic curls

 Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles

Naturally curly tresses - this is the main trend of recent years. If you do not use rectifiers and give your hair grow freely, it will always look irresistible. But in this case, you must correctly guess the length of the hair too short hairstyle with curls will resemble the head of a poodle and long hair too, are likely to be quickly go awry and look untidy.

4. After 50 - "no" short hair!

 Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles

There is an opinion that women, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary should be cut short. Hollywood stars completely refute this opinion. First of all, short hair is not for everyone, but the medium-length hair, you can put in any manner that actually help you look much younger.

5. The elongated "bean"

 Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles

"Bob" - the universal and very popular haircut to disguise even the deep wrinkles on the neck and correct non-ideal shape of the face. Moreover, such a haircut makes sly and mischievous face, and it no doubt helps to look much younger. If "Bob" volume pack, it will help to disguise the partial loss of hair. A curled inward tips suitable for an elegant evening image with which you can safely go to the light.

6. Short and fervently

 Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles

Will look much younger with short hair laying perky. But before making such a haircut, it is desirable to critically look at themselves in the mirror and mentally try on a new image. After all, he does not fit all. You have to be very self-confident woman to wear stylish, but at the same time causing little hair. But the result is worth it!

7. Just add bangs

 Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles

Are you bored with your straight hair? Add to them a magnificent bang! It is able to rejuvenate you as much as ten years. Helping to dramatically change your look, bangs does not change with the length of the hair. Now the popular straight thick and asymmetrical bangs, they can make the eyes more expressive. Bangs can recommend almost everything, except, perhaps, the owners of curly hair - for the desired effect they would have on a daily basis using a rectifier.

8. "Boyish" haircut

 Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles

Nothing can so emphasize the ideal shape of the face as supershort haircut. The choice of such a daring hairstyles - a very bold decision, to which not all will be able to go. Those women who still prefer this option will definitely feel more confident.

9. Long hair with added color

 Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles

Why is it assumed that women in the age can not wear long hair. But with the right approach, such an option hairstyle can do much younger than his owner. A good way - to play with color. For example, the brunette could add a little light strands and blonde - on the contrary, darker. Women with long hair braid their shoulders is recommended from mid-length braids. Interlacing is desirable to make free, so that a few strands were a bit loose. It looks very beautiful hairstyle with large curls slightly raised at the roots.

10. Graduated haircuts

 Ten "rejuvenating" hairstyles

Graded haircut - is ideal for the woman who seeks to look younger. It is easy enough to pack, but even without stacking it would look very bad. For example, a graded haircut with asymmetrical bangs will help "reset" once a decade. This hairstyle will make the image of a gentle and sexy.

And finally, some tips:

• To prolong youthfulness hair is very important to take vitamins, but before that you need to familiarize yourself with the summary or consult a dermatologist.

• lighten your hair, you need time to paint the roots. Woman with dark roots at risk to look much older than the one in which the hair is evenly colored.

• Too abrupt and frequent highlights adds age, so it is best to choose a light, discreet coloring.

• Complex and heavy structures on the head and aggravating circumstances complicate the whole image, so it is advisable to give them up in favor of light, natural strands.

And remember that the most important condition for the extension of youth - a young soul, a good mood and love yourself!
Author: Albina Rogov