Eyeshadow: 9 Secrets
 You aspire to do as much as possible make-up professionally? See master classes, memorize meykap stars? For you - 9 tips to help you become a pro in eye makeup.

Surely, you know the basics of eye makeup. Lighter shade on the eyelid visually "open" the eyes, dark shade in the crease to add depth to a century, highlighter under the brow brightens the eyes. Now it is necessary to move to a more artistic and dramatic make-up, which can be used up to six or seven shades of shadows!

We have for you a few important tips to learn how to mix different shades of shadows.

1. Start with shades of "one family"

The more similar shades that you wish to use, the easier it is to mix them. That is, it is difficult to mix the novice green and pink shades, or do a combination of black and white. If you do not practice it turns out the dirt and clean shades. Therefore it is best to begin to hone their skills with flowers, belonging to "one family". For example, start with the two shades of green, and make a gradient from one shade of green to the other. But the winning combination for beginners - the gradient of the two shades of brown. Applying brown shade, you'll never get dirty and unnatural.

 Eyeshadow: 9 Secrets

2. Use an intermediate shade of shadow

Try to mix two different shades. For example, one cold and one warm. An interesting combination - blue plus fuchsia. Color transition from blue to fuchsia should be carried out through the purple, purple is obtained by mixing pink and blue. And that purple is clean and clear, in contrast to the color that can be formed by mixing blue and fuchsia. Another example is an intermediate in the transition from orange yellow to red, khaki or intermediate in the transition from green to brown.

As a hint, use the color wheel. Intermediate shades lap - between two shades.

 Eyeshadow: 9 Secrets

3. There are no intermediate shades? Then at least the mixing!

There are nuances, which is difficult to find ready-intermediate color shades. For example, the transition between dark blue and bright yellow never be clear if these shades mix. In this case, running the following rule: the color shade border, but between shades of a mix as little as possible. That is the main thing here - to avoid sharp boundary color that does make unnatural and unattractive.

 Eyeshadow: 9 Secrets

4. Soften the border shadows lighter shade

If you are using the dark shadows (dark brown, dark purple, dark swamp), for a soft and beautiful border color, use a gradient. Gradient - is the effect a smooth transition of color. That is, in order to shade the dark brown shade, take a light brown color and shade border shadows with him.

 Eyeshadow: 9 Secrets

5. Mix from light to dark

For beginners, it may be advisable to mix the shadows as follows: first, apply two shades on the eyelid, and then start mixing. At the same time, the most pure gradient is obtained if as if pulling a lighter shade darker on top. Some do the opposite - dark shade over the light, it is also an option, but to make a smooth transition of color with this approach is much more complex.

 Eyeshadow: 9 Secrets

6. Use a soft brush and soft texture

When mixing, use a soft brush shadows, they will help shade without hammering in the skin color. In addition, for beginners it is important to leave as much of the product on the eyelids because one of the major mistakes - do not mix colors, as it were, sweeping his brush. And soft brush makes it possible not to sweep too many shadows, leaving the pigment on the skin of the eyelids. Also, beginners should be encouraged to work with crumbly shadows because they are easier to remove from the surface of the skin than the cream or gel texture.

 Eyeshadow: 9 Secrets

7. Find the right tools for make-up

Proper brush - a guarantee of good makeup, many people know about it. Do not use the square brush them difficult to put exact shade form. It is better to choose fluffy domed brush, they do not take too much of the product and allow the shade to shade in any direction. Many professional makeup artists known as the standard model of shadow brushes Blending Brush MAC 217. It is expensive, but virtually universal. So - looking counterparts and buy this brush. And one more detail: do not use sponges and sponges, they absorb too much of the product, and their difficult to achieve even distribution of the shadows.

 Eyeshadow: 9 Secrets

8. Use foundation

Eye shadows glide better and better mix, if they are applied to smooth skin. Therefore, the primer (or primer) should become a must-have product in eye makeup. If there is no primer, use cream shadows in nude shade (nude).

 Eyeshadow: 9 Secrets

9. Do not rush

If you watch the work of a professional makeup artist, you may notice that the application of shadows and shading take a decent amount of time. Make-up artists applied shades, shade, then add more colors ... and always reformats the shade after applying blush and lipstick to balance the eyes. That is, get ready for what eye makeup will last for one to two minutes. And enjoy the process - is also a key to success. Do not be afraid!

 Eyeshadow: 9 Secrets

And last farewell: practice, practice and practice again.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin