Lipstick Pencil - new must-have
 Lipstick Pencil - multifunctional novelty makeup. Discover all the advantages of these cute, comfortable and colorful pencils.

Lipstick pencil different from the traditional lipstick in stick not only in appearance. The new product - is, as a rule, the product 4-in-1: the actual lipstick, lip liner for a moisturizing balm, finish (gloss, pearl, gloss). However, each manufacturer has its own peculiarities. For example, Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm   from Clinique   - More positioned as tinted lip balm, it has a transparent texture. A lipstick-on pencils Nars   They have a property for cover and can be used for dramatic makeup.

 Lipstick Pencil - new must-have

 Lipstick Pencil - new must-have

Features lipstick pencil:

- Lipstick pencil for those who do not like too much lipstick on her lips.

- Lipstick Pencil allows you to make extremely precise application. That lipstick or gloss in stick applicators available.

- Using lipstick pencil can be dispensed with lip liner.

- Lipstick pencil you can take with you on makeup, almost imperceptibly to tint the lips.

- For rastushevyvaniya lipstick pencil lips do not need to brush, quite touch the product itself - it is well glides over the skin of the lips and goes smoothly, without requiring additional allocation.

- As a rule, lipstick pencil is not necessary to sharpen. Suffice it to rotate the lower part of the body of the pencil, colored pencil, and becomes longer. This greatly facilitates the make-up!

- Lipstick pencil can be mixed with other drugs makeup. For example, apply gloss over or use as a liner, and fill the surface of the lip gloss lipstick.

 Lipstick Pencil - new must-have

Lipstick Pencil - a product with good wetting properties, such as that of the most powerful balm. This is achieved by the composition: it includes vitamins (C, E), hyaluronic acid, natural waxes, oils.

Many are impressed by the convenience of making up the lips, which give the lipstick-pencils. It really is. It is kept as an ordinary pencil, it does not slip out of your hand, the hand while working freely and easily.

Four ways to use lipstick, pencil

Multitasking trends manifested in the fact, that one pencil can replace several means of decorative cosmetics.

The first way. Glossy and bright lips

Please circle the lip contour pencil-lipstick. Then paint over the entire surface of the lips. The texture of the product allows the lips many times as you want - no excess lipstick.
 Lipstick Pencil - new must-have

The second way. Matt and moistened lips

Apply lipstick pencil over the entire surface of the lips. Squeeze between the lips a napkin to soak lipstick and lost luster. Then nakraste lips again. Again, repeat the trick with the napkin.
 Lipstick Pencil - new must-have

The third way. Rouge

Lipstick Pencil can be used as blush. Creamy texture and composition allow you to do this. Apply to the apples of the cheeks several points or short strokes of lipstick in pencil. Blend with your fingers.
 Lipstick Pencil - new must-have

If blush get too bright, do not rush to wash off makeup. It is enough to top a little powdered cheeks, or cause crisp bright blush.

Method fourth. Eye shadow

For the first time this form of release as an off-white pencil was tested on creamy eye shadow. Remember a few years ago almost all the makeup collection acquired such liners Eye? And then make-up artists have taught us to use cream-colored pencils are not only eye liner, but also as a shadow. Lipstick pencil, in fact, does not differ from the shadows in a cream Stick. Therefore, you can safely apply lipstick pencil for ever, it is easily shaded and moisturizes the skin. It is best suited for the age of shades of brown, beige, pink, bronze.
 Lipstick Pencil - new must-have


Lipstick Pencil - though a universal product, but it does not eliminate the careful care of lips. Premakiyazh (preparation for makeup) are also required. Do not forget about the regular exfoliation and moisturizing lips.

Rinse lipstick pencil made in the same way as a regular lipstick. That is, with a cotton swab dipped in make-up remover lotion or wipes intended for removing make-up (they are usually impregnated with oils and makeup remover).
Author: Julia Shestakova