Makeup: layer by layer
 Makeup artists recommend using a moisturizer, tone, powder ... And then there is a sun and a primer. In what order to use them? How many layers of cosmetics on the skin can be at the same time?

Thus, layer by layer, as do professional makeup artists and dermatologists advise professional:

The first rule - must always start with a clean face. Choose a cleanser that leaves a matte face. If the skin is very oily - it's good to cope with excess sebum and zinc detergents.

 Makeup: layer by layer

The first layer. Tonic

Even the best detergents leave oil, oil, make-up and particles of detergent. Tonic cleanses all these residues, soothes the skin. Toners having a composition of alpha-hydro-acids kill bacteria that promote acne. Apply toner easily: Apply the liquid to a cotton ball and gently wipe his face and neck.

The second layer. Treatment of problem areas

Consideration should be given to acne, blackheads, redness. For this purpose, the products with the use point. Apply on pimples remedies, and wait 10-15 minutes before proceeding to the next layer.

The third layer. Serum

Many believe the serum more than a product, and do not understand how to use it in the afternoon. Serum - is not a moisturizer, a product of concentrated active ingredients. It can be seen as a multi-vitamin serum for the face. Serum into the skin can breathe a stream of vigor and energy, to improve the work of moisturizer. Moreover, serum increases collagen and helps to prevent the appearance of fine wrinkles. The serum is optionally applied all over the face, it is enough to very dry areas, as well as in the area of ​​"crow's feet" and facial wrinkles. There serum designed to combat swelling and bags under his eyes, accordingly, they should be applied under the eyes.

 Makeup: layer by layer

Fourth layer. Moisturizing cream

Even if you have oily skin or combination, moisturizing is an essential part of any skin care. It helps prevent hyperpigmentation, dryness, protects the skin from environmental hazards. In order to achieve the luminous skin creams try light formula with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants. Gel-cream - a great option for those who are not very fond of greasy feeling on your face.

The fifth layer. Sunscreen

Do not leave home without a cream with SPF, even if you go to the office and have sunscreen moisturizer. This double impact protection in the future - you'll look younger than their peers. In order not to clog the pores, get an easy low-fat version of cream (oil-free) or lotion.

Now you have made all the preparations to make up, and you can start to color cosmetics. Make-up, by the way, also does not consist of a single layer.

The sixth layer. Primer

Please take care of the primer. Especially needed primer in hot weather, during the critical events (weddings, anniversaries), and when you need proof make-up more than 6 hours.

Seventh layer. Foundation

Apply with a brush or your fingers. Start from the center of the face, and shaded to the periphery of the product. For the young and healthy skin does not require full coverage of the face, it is possible to confine a light layer on the cheeks, forehead, chin.

 Makeup: layer by layer

Eighth layer. Concealer

Disguise pimples, dark circles and other skin imperfections better over the foundation. Because the foundation as it creates a base for the foundation of the product. Concealer is not float and will remain in place. Proceed dot, apply concealer only on the pimple or a speck of pigment. The edges of shaded thin brush.

Ninth layer. Dust

If you like the look of radiant skin, which give the cream products, the powder can be skipped. However, oily skin and makeup resistant to the product can be called a must-have. Be sure to put it on the T-zone.

Alternative layers 6-9. BB Cream

This product combines the primer, foundation, concealer, and offers excellent moisture for the whole day. Therefore, if you have picked the right you BB cream, your make-up is significantly reduced over time.

Do not forget the blush or bronzer, they are applied on top of the toning products. And there is to know in what order should work with the eye make-up . Mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner - what follows what?

 Makeup: layer by layer

1.   Begin with eye shadow. This will highlight your eyes and decide whether eyeliner. If the shade is quite rich, for quite a natural way will only add mascara to the eyelashes.

2.   Following is eyeliner. It is easier to do with bare lashes. Then it is easier to observe the symmetry and straight line.

3.   And completing eye makeup - mascara. Generally, mascara should always be the final touch of makeup, then shades meykapa be clean. And if eyelashes were particles or powder shadows, they will all be overridden mascara and lashes are lush and voluminous.
Author: Julia Shestakova