Summer care and makeup allergies
 Unfortunately, summer enough reason to get an allergic skin reaction. This constant bloom, dust, sun ... How do you disguise face red, watery eyes, swelling? And how can we prevent it? Read more.

Tip 1. Try a cream with a green tint

This can be a BB-Cream, CC-tinted cream or moisturizing cream designed specifically for camouflage redness of the face. As you know, green neutralizes the red, this technique is used in the foundation for allergy sufferers. You can add to the normal tinting cream little green concealer and get your own means for toning redness.

 Summer care and makeup allergies

 Summer care and makeup allergies

Tip 2. Fight dryness

Dry - a frequent companion allergies. Rid your skin from dryness help properly it fitted care products. Pick detergent with flavonoids to prevent skin inflammation. We also recommend a gentle scrub with oatmeal (preferably homemade, so as not to expose the skin plus preservatives and fragrances), it helps exfoliate dry skin, while moisturizing it.

 Summer care and makeup allergies

Tip 3. Make a facial massage

This procedure significantly reduces the bags under the eyes. Use your fingertips to make a light circular motion of the skin under the eyes. You can even press hard on the skin near the nose to release excess moisture through the drip edge. All this will help cope with the symptoms of allergies. Remove the redness and puffiness and help light massage with ice cubes. Ice instantly cools and refreshes, constricts blood vessels and improves blood circulation.

 Summer care and makeup allergies

Tip 4. Drink hot tea or coffee

And coffee, tea and caffeine, which is effective for reducing blood vessels. This helps to minimize swelling. In addition, the coffee aroma has a positive effect, it is purified by a pair of sinuses as if you take a warm shower. If allergy is very important to clean breath.

Tip 5. Wash cold tea

Reduce red-eye associated with allergic helps tea. Make chamomile tea, cool in the refrigerator, and wipe the face with a sponge soaked in chilled tea. Either put on swelling chilled herbal tea bags. Then apply a serum or mask to reduce redness. This mask can be a normal aloe vera gel or your favorite soothing moisturizer.

Reduces swelling and cooling rolls on the basis of the green coffee or green tea. Store in the refrigerator, and then the effect will be longer.
 Summer care and makeup allergies

Tip 6. Wear waterproof mascara

From the red-eye, use eye drops to reduce redness. This flaw will not close any shade. In addition, any product will irritate already inflamed skin. The only means of eye makeup that can be advised - it is waterproof mascara. She will not give out your "tears."

Tip 7. Sleep with a humidifier

It moisturizes the skin and keeps the nasal passages clear of mucus. Air Conditioning - Available enemy, it dries the skin and nasal sinuses, too. But fresh air is good, so remember one more piece of advice: in the summer of sleep with open windows, fresh air will circulate around the house and help get rid of dust and allergens.

 Summer care and makeup allergies

Tip 8. Every morning - antihistamines

Zyrtec, Claritin, Visine - remember what medications your doctor has advised, and do not forget about the regular intake of medicines, especially in the summer when so many provocateurs allergies. This will help soothe irritation, hives, watery and runny nose.

 Summer care and makeup allergies

Tip 9. Remove from the diet foods that trigger swelling

While allergy season is not over, you can help yourself to reduce the swelling, giving up gluten-containing and dairy products in their diet. It should focus on foods rich in nutrients because the body loses a lot of effort in the fight against allergies. In addition, pay attention to the foods with high water content (watermelon, cucumbers, grapefruit, and others.) For better hydration of the body (for allergies lost a lot of moisture).

 Summer care and makeup allergies

It should also be recalled that there are foods that are anti-allergic. Recent studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in the prevention of allergies. The study found that those who eat foods rich in omega-3, are less prone to allergic reactions. Seek help from inflammation in the diet products such as fish, walnuts, flaxseed oil, meat, eggs.

Tip 10. Use a white shadow

To make tearful eyes brighter and clearer will help highlighter or white flickering shadows. Light bright tone drip, most protruding point of the century and eyebrow arch. Tinted primer for centuries - is also a good product, it evens masks veins, and does not cause allergies.

 Summer care and makeup allergies

Author: Julia Shestakova