Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter
 Winter weekends and holidays coming to an end, and your house is still an atmosphere of festive excitement and intrigue? At the beginning of the new year, you simply must demonstrate the best qualities of women-housewives - patience, organization and tact. And to help you in this little-designed family celebrations and meetings with special dress code. Where, where, but for them you just have to look feminine and cute tamer.

 Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter

And if for small feasts and friendly get-togethers in your diary still exists a free place, thoroughly, down to the smallest detail, think over your intriguingly interesting (and perhaps a little predatory) image. That, no doubt, will emphasize the special corresponding celebratory sincerity and so expressive look. And pay attention to the "mirror" gentle female soul will help you a little bar - the arrow.

A little history ...

 Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter

For modern methods of eyeliner, we should be grateful to the nature of the Egyptian beautiful and daring Hollywood film star.

If you believe the ancient papyri, first learned how to make your eyes feline graceful and seductive mysterious inhabitant of the country of the pyramids, in which the cat is considered a sacred animal.

Extensive long arrows ancient Egyptian painted using black grated raw materials from malachite, copper sulfate or soot. So the Egyptian beauties tried as much as possible to emphasize their expressive eyes. Having mastered the art of the ancient Egyptian eyeliner, you can easily prepare for a party. Or impress former classmates and colleagues unexpected vivid way.

Singer Beyonce Giselle Knowles in the creation of the effect of the cat's eyes made perfect. Honed skills to create a make-up in the style of smoky eyes helped her to recreate the unique look of the Egyptian beauty.

 Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter

Modern technology traditional Egyptian eyeliner

Creation of the "Egyptian" shooter requires patience, attention and a phased operation. But the result - confident and sensual look - worth it!

First, using a black eyeliner or pencil thin and accurately outlines the contour of the upper eyelashes. At this stage the cat is attached to the expressiveness of the eyes - due to the fact that the lines thicken arrows are displayed on the edge of the century and slightly bent in the direction of the temple. Through the growth of the lower eyelashes, too, held clear dark outlines of which can be connected to the top on the outer corners of the eyes or extend and drop down. By the way, the second option is most approximate to the natural Egyptian.

Inner corner of eye makeup to create such a designated liquid liner. And forever has consistently applied the shadow of several colors, thanks to which is possible to achieve transitions smoky dark shades and emphasizes the depth of view.

Note.   To achieve the desired effect stylists recommend carefully paint over eyelashes and eyebrows to allocate the line.

Secret expressive eyes movie stars and singers

Other types of arrows often enable modern girls emphasize the individuality of style and character. And even those who are far from the eastern canons of beauty. How exactly straightforward using eyeliner to create a memorable image, show us your favorite pop stars and movies.

In particular, the classical Egyptian broad arrow with a long, overly pronounced tip used to recreate the retro glamor of Amy Winehouse.

 Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter

And here, for example, Marilyn Monroe - the most famous blonde of Hollywood - made at the time a part of his image of a thin and gentle eye make-up, invented, and many other features of its way, most actresses.

 Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter

In order to make the look sensual, like the legendary Marilyn makeup artists recommend using a brown pencil to shade, approximate to the natural one. Create the same shooter, like a film star, requires a "geometric calculation" and a sequence of actions. Let us show them by example.

First held a thin line from the outer corner of the eye toward the brow. Already at this stage it is worth remembering that the section must be sleeker, and this can be achieved only slightly increasing their contours.

Then, a line is drawn from the middle of this century, which is connected with the first. In the final stage held a thin line from the inner corner of the eye to this line, and gradually formed a triangle painted over.

 Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter

Same pointed, but more expressive lines of medium thickness that is slightly emphasize and enhance the exterior contours of the eye, has made part of his style of Dita Von Teese. Apply can be using coal black eyeliner. But it is worth remembering that the creation of fine lines sharpened style Teese requires honed skills and specific experience.

 Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter

Audrey Hepburn skillfully gave the look of innocence and simplicity, also using the arrows with the tail. But the highlight of her style - broad lines and little "blunted" tail, which almost does not go beyond the outer corner of the eye.

 Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter

His distinguishing feature simple and elegant circular arrows made Brigitte Bardot.

 Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter

A supporter of eternal values ​​in the style of Adele looks naturally and gently thanks to other technologies eyeliner. Upper eyelids singer emphasizes the wide line on the bottom - draws thin arrows that connect to the upper outer corner of the eye on.

 Arrows - glamorous make-up detail of winter

What stylists advise to change their lovers female image with makeup

Today there are many tools for eyeliner that will make sure to repeat the famous actress or a singer, or come up with their own unique touches that give the look and image of confidence.

Double, colored, feathered or curved curly eyeliner ... Ways to modernize classical Egyptian makeup - set. But whether all appropriate stylistic experiments with arrows?

Owners of small eyes not recommended sum lower eyelids and use liner means too dark shades. Golden, silver and body, slightly feathered arrows considered for these girls the perfect choice.

In addition to these subtleties, isolated stylistic devices that give the desired shape round and narrow eyes. As well as those which allow, if necessary, to bring the visual space or eyes.

So, for example, is widely dark feathered arrow and loop conducted by slightly above the outer corner, the eye will give an elongated shape. Little "Roundness" eye fine lines, no tails beyond the outer corners and easy seal arrow in the middle of the century.

Separated from each other close-set eyes is simple, if not a pencil to trace the inner corners of the eyes, and to direct the arrow on the outer and inner middle of the century, slightly thickening at their outer edge. And if you think the lack of wide-set eyes, you can compensate for this by hovering inner corners and clearly define the lash line.

Note.   Create a make-up in the style of Audrey Hepburn Adele or help ordinary eyeliner.

In order to make subtle arrow Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce, it is recommended to use a mechanical pencil or liner.

Play creative line Winehouse, you can use a special pencil-liner.

And remember, sometimes rational to replace the traditional means of special water-resistant, and the usual pencil - an automatic.
Author: Alla Pilipenko