Make no mascara, pencil and lipstick
 What can be used as a liner for the eyes? What can replace the lipstick? How to do without foundation? On these and other secrets of the daily make-up, read this article.

Eye makeup with mascara only

For many, the lack of eye liner - it's almost a sentence. The eyes look sleepy, tearful, and, in general, as called for one of the girls at the Forum, "like a pig." How can you go to work or on a date? Self-assessment immediately at zero, confidence disappears.

Take the time to call and cancel a meeting with an important person for you. You will not believe, but even for a dramatic eye makeup we may need only one mascara. In addition, a brush for applying the liner (usually a angular flat brush small size) and a mirror.

1. Take a quantity of mascara on the brush.

2. Brush ship this product type. Spend on the brush bristles against her. Collect as much mascara on the brush, no matter how much you score, if it was a liquid liner.

 Make no mascara, pencil and lipstick

3. Move the upper eyelid, lower - on request.

 Make no mascara, pencil and lipstick

4. Apply mascara on the lashes as usual do it.

 Make no mascara, pencil and lipstick

By the way, this technique once again proves the rule of many makeup artists - "brush makeup is sometimes more important than the product."

Eye makeup only liner

The temporary absence of mascara (for example, on a trip or flight) is not as acute care if there eyeliner. He alone can make the eyes quite expressive. But tell me about that owners of light or red eyelashes! They obviously do not agree with what you can do without mascara. For them, the next discovery.

To paint the lashes, sometimes just enough cream eye liner. And still need raschesochka eyebrow.

1. Apply a comb liquid liner. Gently brush. But act quickly enough, while the liner did not dry, there are quick-drying formula.

 Make no mascara, pencil and lipstick

2. Brush-comb eyelashes raschetskoy. You will see that the ship was on the eyelashes, paint them.

 Make no mascara, pencil and lipstick

Everything happened, and you are now convinced that you need to have a good set of brushes and brushes. A make-up of the product one is enough, if some suddenly lost or were not allowed to take a plane security services.

Make-up lips and cheeks only shadows

You say, but you have invented versatile products 2 to 1 or 3 to 1. That's true. It is compact, which can easily be used as a bronzer, and as the shadows. Or is there a cream blush, which can be applied to the lips, forever. If you have such products - congratulations. And for those who have not yet switched to a generic means, first advice - try them, the Board of the second - remember this simple trick.

For example, you only have a crisp shadow. Shade - Rose, terracotta, purple or orange. Of them can make a lovely cream product for lips and cheeks, as well as used as a shadow. Option one - to do everything in his hands - if you're on the road or traveling.

 Make no mascara, pencil and lipstick

The second option - a thoughtful homemade experimentation. In any case, the principle of one - you need to mix with the cream base crumbly shadows. As the cream base is best to use petroleum jelly - it covers the skin, but not strongly absorbed, the result is glossy, it is suitable for the lips. For blush, you can use an ordinary moisturizer for the face or eye cream, matt result here is appropriate.

Mix the two products on the arm or in the container, to achieve the desired shade and put on the cheeks and lips.

 Make no mascara, pencil and lipstick

 Make no mascara, pencil and lipstick

Now you know what must be in your purse? Brushes and moisturizer, not just pallets and bottles. Then you'll be ready for any trouble.

And finally, a small bonus. Means for styling hair styles ... from the air conditioner. Any hair conditioner (or indelible washable) may be a good time to styling products. It can be applied to dry or wet hair. Check!
Author: Julia Shestakova