And eyebrows fateful bend ...
 Eyebrows - a very important part of the human face and the practical and aesthetic point of view. Throughout the history of mankind bushy eyebrows serve to protect the eyes from sweat dripping on his forehead, or streams of water in the rain, and the thicker and longer they are, the better able to cope with this task. At the same time the eyebrows are prominent spokesmen of emotions: ominously shifted, without a word, they warn of the impending outbreak of anger, upbeat talk about genuine surprise, etc. But we have long been focusing not on their application benefits and aesthetic component.

Eyebrows are the bright part of our way, no less important than the eyes and lips, and can be a real adornment of the face. On the eyebrows, as well as in hair, has its own fashion, which is constantly changing - from a full bezbrovnosti in the Renaissance and thick eyebrows nasurmlёnnyh Russian beauties to the eyebrows "strings" of the recent past. Fortunately, in recent years, fashion has become more democratic, and allowed almost any shape, length and thickness of the eyebrows. The main thing is that they are in harmony with the other facial features, look the most natural, and at the same time well-groomed!

Perfect shape
The naturalness naturally, but there are times when the correct shape of the eyebrows is necessary, for example, is too thick, fused to the nose eyebrows can give your face a grim and sullen expression. And it happens that eyebrows grow "bush" look shaggy and untidy, or give the face a sad look, visually add a few extra years. If you are dissatisfied with the natural shape of your eyebrows, the right thing - to go to the salon to a specialist, he will help you choose the desired shape, which is best suited to your face and gently adjusts what is given to you by nature.

 And eyebrows fateful bend ...
   If you decide to act on their own, consider a few important things: good think before you take up the tweezers, because each person is unique, and perhaps should not alter his eyebrows dramatically, adjusting them under a certain standard, because if the pencil and paint can be easily removed then just plucked eyebrows can no longer return to its original shape!

If you are going to change the shape of eyebrows, consider how your chosen changes will be combined with a face shape, eye shape, size and shape of the lips. There are, of course, general guidelines:

- Stand out vivid facial features are combined with a clearly visible and thick eyebrows and delicate features combined with a "light" eyebrows, not too thick;

- Round eyebrows soften facial expression, creating a roundness and helping to mitigate sharp features;

- With a break eyebrows draw attention to the upper part of the face, visually reduce the width of the round or diamond-shaped face, give the face determination and youth;

- Arched eyebrows are not ordinary and effectively radiate a sense of confidence and sexuality, ideally combined with a square or oval face can go for the triangular faces;

- Direct eyebrows are suitable for women with a long face shape, face look shorter and oval;

- Moderately wide brow can visually enlarge the eyes, if the distance between the eyebrows slightly increase.

 And eyebrows fateful bend ...
   Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows - long enough graceful, slightly arched, and have a neat shape. To determine the correct form of the eyebrows there Typically three points :

Point 1   - Conduct a mental line (you can attach a pencil) from the nostril straight up to the intersection with the brow arch - this is the beginning of her eyebrows and the most extensive part.

Point 2   - At the intersection of the tangent line from the nostril to the outer part of the iris of the eye with a line of eyebrows - is the upper inflection point, hence the eyebrow becomes narrower, but narrowing does not occur abruptly, but gradually

Point 3   - At the intersection of the tangent line from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye with the line of the eyebrows - eyebrow ends here.

You can check the mirror your eyebrows correctly, but even if your eyebrows and not quite perfect shape, do not rush to fix, maybe, in the wrong highlight your appearance.
TIP: Before deciding on a radical change, experiment, using white and dark pencil. Paint the white hairs that are going to be removed and the dark Draw a shape that are going to make the eyebrows. If you are satisfied, you can start the creative process.

Plucking, paint, fix
To change the shape and density of the eyebrows can not do without plucking. The method, though old-fashioned, but nonetheless effective, simple, little expensive. The main thing is not to get carried away and do not remove more hair than necessary. Eyebrow hair grows very slowly, about four times slower than the hair on his head, and if the pull-out has been destroyed or damaged hair follicle, the more it is at this point will not grow, and if you grow up, something is wrong. So be related to the process with all the responsibility!

Plucking eyebrows better after a bath, shower or warm compress: to steam when the skin, hairs are removed easier and less painful. To the same end may be applied on the skin under the eyebrows nourishing cream, leave for 10 minutes, then remove the residues with a cotton pad. Another way to reduce the sensitivity of the skin - rub an ice cube desired areas.

 And eyebrows fateful bend ...
   Always tweeze hairs along their growth, or they can grow properly. Tweezers treat with antiseptic before the procedure, and the skin after plucking wipe lotion.

If we remove the excess with tweezers, then to add the missing, you need at least an eyebrow pencil. With it you can paint on the missing hairs and shade available, color pencil selected depending on the natural color of your eyebrows. In place of pencils markers come with a number of advantages - they do not need sharpening, they are not smeared, equipped with a special applicator, provides control and accuracy of application.

 And eyebrows fateful bend ...
   To emphasize the eyebrows will not only pencil and pen, but the shadows that will help you to create a softer and more natural way. Apply the shadow of a special oblique cut rigid brush or a fine brush for shadows with a pointed end. Often set for design eyebrows includes shadow brush or brush, tweezers and a pencil, such a set Givenchy Eye & Brow Prisme, or a set Pupa, which apart from the shadows and brushes, and the wax is added to fix the result.

 And eyebrows fateful bend ...
   The shape of eyebrows can be fixed except wax, gel - clear or colored. Very easy to use double-sided eyebrow gel Duo Expert Sourcils - Eyebrow Enhancer Duo (Yves Saint Laurent) - felt-tip pen fill in the gaps, and then cover the eyebrow gel fixing - fast, convenient, safe.

To eyebrows were beautiful, silky, to care for them.

- Do not be lazy every morning to comb the eyebrows special brush to give them the right shape, and then fix them gel for eyebrows.

- In the evening after make-up remover and cleanser would be superfluous eyebrow comb brush soaked with castor oil or other means to strengthen the hair. Such a procedure would strengthen hair follicles, improve hair condition. Nourishing cream eyebrow can prepare yourself by mixing equal parts castor oil, beeswax and oil solution of vitamin A.

- A good firming effect give compresses eyebrow make them generally with olive oil or any other vegetable. To compress moisten a cotton pad with warm vegetable oil and apply on eyebrows ten minutes. Then, with warm water to remove excess oil eyebrow brush and comb.

- Useful for eyebrows and light massage - tingling, strokes, light pressure on the eyebrow in the direction of the nose to the temples. Incidentally, this massage helps to eye fatigue, and may in some cases eliminate the headaches.

- And of course, good nutrition - it is also an important factor in maintaining the beauty of the eyebrows. Bristly hair eyebrows (as well as the rest of the hair) like "beauty vitamins" - A, B and E. The required amount of vitamins and minerals can be obtained from food, eating organic foods (carrots, tomatoes, fresh herbs, egg yolk, meat, cream And so on).

Do not be lazy to take care of the eyebrows, the attention they require not so much the result of careful attitude, we can say on the face! Well-groomed eyebrows form properly decorate his eyes, do everything the person appealing and expressive!
Author: Olga Travleeva