Beautiful without makeup
 Make-up - a gift for a woman, because with it we can look fresh and rested, even if it is not so. But sometimes I want to give your face a little rest and at least a day not to use cosmetics. And for this it is necessary for a regular care.

Of course, there are cases where you can not do without makeup. But if the flaws are not so big, you can try to discover the beauty, and thus save a bit on cosmetics.

Firstly, it is necessary to get enough sleep. Fatigue effect immediately on your face. For example, on weekends, I myself in the mirror do not know because leave bags under the eyes and tired sad sight.

He washed with cold water, using a cool cream and compresses the same, you reduce the appearance of fatigue on the face.

Next, do not forget to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the skin. Soft scrubs, tonics and stuff you in this great help. Remember, after exfoliate the skin, be sure to use a lotion or milk, so before the end remove dead cells. Otherwise, you can just clog your pores.

Every day, drink plenty of fluids to maintain the water-salt balance in the body.

Try to use the funds, which contain SPF-filters. Also, use extra protection in the form of special creams. This also applies to the winter and summer.

To go without makeup, do not forget to take care of eyebrows. By the way, do not use ink, you can use the tool for twisting eyelashes. So they will look more well-groomed.

Do not unimportant role in this case played by the hair. Dirty hair underlined shortcomings and create a very unattractive way. So do not be lazy to wash and put the hair thoroughly.

Well, a drop of lip gloss have not hurt anyone.

By the way, you can use sunglasses to help hide minor flaws.

 Beautiful without makeup
 Those who can not do without makeup
If you can not do without makeup and really want to look natural, then neutral makeup - what you need. Do not be fooled, make such make no easier than bright.

- Take the concealer and mask the fact that you need: spots, dark circles, redness etc. And on top, apply a light tone foundation. Try to choose a tool that looks natural on your skin.

- Take a shade lighter shade: light beige or light pink. And loaded onto the mobile eyelid, good shading until the eyebrows. These shades will serve as a good basis for make-up. You can add a little Shimmer at corners of the eyes.

- Comb your eyebrows a special brush.

- Then apply one or two coats of mascara: brown or black. You can even tweak the eyelashes slightly.

- Take peach or pale pink blush on the cheeks and apply according to your face type.

- Top powder the face. Best of all, if it's loose powder.

- To fit the lips: balm, gloss or lipstick is soft.

The main thing - remember that cosmetics should not be burdening your face and form a mask.
Author: Vera Karabutova