Best evening make-up
 Holiday season involves an invitation to the various activities, among them a party in ties, and a meeting with close friends and even dinner with the boss. And, of course, you want to make, and in all cases was terrific.

On this occasion, we asked advice from leading experts. Here's what they said.

Make-up for the evening with close friends

In this situation, you can barely put on a little makeup, because among the friends you feel "at ease", regardless of appearance. Think about that golden shine looks great and natural. Makeup lip glosses really prefer. For the eyes suitable cream or light pink shade. To give a natural color, use pinkish blush, putting them on top of the cheekbones. To complete the image, use a black or dark brown mascara to make lashes an incredible length and bend.


Cocktail parties - the best situation is to add a little drama to your image. You can draw a dark eyeliner or eye pencil. On a party more favorable look dark blue, charcoal black and chocolate brown hues. In order to make the most eye makeup gently, use the basic foundation first, then the pencil will stay up very smoothly and correctly. Such an event - an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the beautiful eyebrows. Use a pair of tweezers, but do not overdo it. Eyebrows must be symmetrical, then they will look chic.

This make-up is better to do without a blush and lips should be applied to a neutral lipstick or balm.

For a party in ties

Exquisite dress, pink lips, rosy cheeks and glowing penciled dark eye pencil - this is the perfect makeup for the occasion. Do not forget about such essential things as jewelry, such as earrings luxury - they give radiance face and complete the makeover.

For a party in the office

Ideal - everyday makeup, but made as if today - your best time.   Do not be too relaxed and do not forget about good manners, because these people depends on the size of your salary. Few lights, a little glitter - all should be in moderation. And finally, do not forget about a good manicure.