Choose mascara
 Mascara is an essential feature of a beautiful eye makeup, because it is designed to give the look of depth and expressiveness. At the same time, to achieve beautiful lashes frame the eye is only possible if the correct choice of cosmetic products and the use of quality cosmetics.

Choosing mascara depends on which type of eyelashes, it will be applied.

Depending on how long or short lashes, sparse or dense, you need to choose not only different mascara, but the type of brush for its application.

- For long eyelashes mascara is best to choose, increases the volume of the eyelashes, and the lashes will appear thicker.

- If the eyelashes are short, in which case you must use lengthening mascara that makes lashes more visible and increase their length.

 Choose mascara
 What color to choose
You should not assume that expressive look gives only black ink. Green or purple color also highlight the shape of the eyes and give a look of depth. For brunettes with dark eyes, black really considered preferable. Blonde and brown-haired, with blond or reddish eyelashes, black is best used only for evening makeup. Happy is better to choose softer colors such as brown or purple.

Case Technology
To make the lashes thicker and longer, do not overload them with ink, it is sufficient to just brush only once. For a natural effect, you can use the colorless ink, to take care of eyelashes. To avoid the effect of the eyelashes stuck together, they must first be carefully comb small brush for eyelashes, then apply mascara on the tips of the lashes, and only after that for their entire length.

 Choose mascara
   To eyelashes stuck together, you need to be cleaned regularly brush your mascara. After applying a small amount of ink on the tips of the eyelashes, it is distributed over their entire length and the maximum lift up eyelashes using zigzag motion of the brush. If applied to the eyelashes mascara too much, you can take a thin paper napkin, put it between the upper and lower lashes and close your eyes. So get wet wipe excess ink, and it will not burden the eyelashes.

To eyelashes have always been beautiful and healthy, it is necessary before bedtime to wash off makeup from the eyelashes with the help of a cosmetic product for the removal of carcasses. In the morning, before applying mascara, lashes are clean and dry. After applying mascara a few seconds should not blink, she had time to dry. Do not apply mascara on lower lashes, as this aggravates the look and underscores the circles under his eyes. For evening, more intense make-up, you can apply a second coat of mascara, after the first is dry.

 Choose mascara

The invention is waterproof mascara has allowed women to feel comfortable and not afraid of water, rain or tears. This ink does not flow and is not showered, helping to avoid the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. New waterproof mascara formulas do not spoil the eyelashes, so you can use it throughout the day.
Author: Natalia Biatova