Do you need waterproof makeup?
 In heat or cold your makeup is always perfect - waterproof cosmetics manufacturers promise, and we believe them. Mascara, lip, foundation and blush well perform their duties, but are they safe for our health?

Reputation waterproof cosmetics "stained" will not succeed. Means labeled waterproof not afraid showers sorokogradusnoy heat and severe frosts. Save face in any circumstances - their top priority and they cope with it!

Since the invention of the first waterproof mascara passed 75 years. Back in 1939 it created for the ballet troupe of the water, but the novelty quickly found its recognition among women less creative professions. Soon, she was put into mass production.

Every day means increased range of water-resistant, the fair sex pleased indelible lipstick, powders and creams. It makes life easier, no longer need to keep on monitoring done in the morning make-up, periodically checking to see whether the ink flowed and smeared lipstick there. But euphoria soon came disappointment. For brilliant way women had to pay health of the skin, lips and eyelashes. So what do you make of this cosmetics?

Price waterproof

The effect of water resistance - the merit of two substances - very volatile silicone compounds and waxes. Watertight cream applied on the skin, it forms a dense film repellent. Through it passes not only water but also oxygen. The skin does not breathe, that is fraught with the type of fat clogging pores, acne and inflammation. Dry skin is deprived of oxygen, dehydrated and ages faster. As for the normal type, the habit of doing makeup waterproof makeup, sooner or later will result in the deterioration of the skin and loss of tone.

Waterproof mascara is also not harmless. From its impact affects not only the eyelashes and the delicate skin around the eyes. No matter how much effort we have made on the delicate removal of ink from eyelashes, do it "safely" is unlikely to succeed. Leather century will inevitably hurt and lashes will eventually become thin and lifeless. But that's not all. Often, in the water-resistant mascaras include dangerous ingredients such as heavy metals and mercury compounds. When they cause accumulation of adverse reactions in humans and severe allergies.

Water-resistant lipsticks no better. But in addition to the potential harm they can cause to our lips, most lipsticks have obviously underestimated quality. Dryness of the lips and small cracks accompanied almost all lovers of waterproof makeup. It is worth noting that manufacturers of cosmetics are trying to solve this problem, but while it is still acute in the order of the day.

 Do you need waterproof makeup?

Is that bad?

If after all the above have not lost the desire to use waterproof makeup, talk about how to avoid painful clashes with its negative sides.

The first rule - remember the sense of proportion!   Use waterproof cosmetics only when you really can not do without it. Use special tools to remove it and take good care of the skin.

Rule the second - to choose the means respected brands!   They are constantly improving their products, and one never knows, the time will come when and waterproof makeup is perfect.

The third rule - do not forget about preventive measures!   If tomorrow to be an event where no waterproof makeup can not do, now do everything possible to improve the condition of the skin, lips, eyelashes. Provide high-quality skin hydration and nutrition, make a mask for lips, lubricate the cilia cosmetic oil.

We use waterproof makeup right!

Use cosmetics labeled waterproof should be a bit different than the usual cosmetics. But first things first.

Waterproof foundation, as a rule, applied to clean, dry skin. No sera, databases and other tools of beauty as the first layer is not required. Primers and creams that contain oils generally banned. Otherwise, instead of smooth and radiant complexion you get a lifeless mask.

In lipsticks apply the same rule. No nutritional balms, otherwise the color will not last a couple of hours. Upon completion of the makeup lip is not necessary to powder, it will not bring benefits, but only worsen the overall impression.

Waterproof mascara requires greater attention. It is so fast "dries up" on the eyelashes, that the slightest delay is fraught with the appearance of "spider legs." If you comb cilia after using mascara, do it quickly and confidently.

Friends with waterproof makeup "thick as thieves" is unlikely to be much better to use conventional means-tested fine brands. A cosmetics labeled waterproof reserved for special occasions, fashion - health beauty.

 Do you need waterproof makeup?

Author: Natalia Bartukova