Evening make-up in a hurry (part 2)
 Continuation of a series of advice from Tom Ford.

The fragrance and sensuality

"For the evening it is most suitable warm scent of musk."

This irresistible fragrance as exotic food. Ford, in this case prefers Youth Dew Amber Nude, he believed that these spirits combine attractiveness and naturalness.

A word of advice: musk heavy for everyday use, so use it before the party, spraying from the bottom, as the aroma always rises.

Surround yourself with a haze of sensuality and puzzles

Ford recommends wearing silk, satin and velvet. And, of course, do not forget to care for your skin - use lotions that moisturize and make it radiant.

"Build eyes! "

"I always pay attention to the eyes" - Ford once said on his show. He advises paint eyes bright, but not provocative, so as not to cross the line and do not break the true beauty.

A word of advice: if you have circles under the eyes - use shimmering tonal basis.

Show your skin throughout the magnificence

Finally, the skin should always look healthy, and therefore - radiant. New collection Face Gloss (favorite product of Ford) is designed for the person - the individual products are applied on the cheeks, lips and nose, giving them a unique look. Also, do not forget about bronzer such as Delux Beauty Liquid Bronze - with their help, your skin will look like after the sunny beach.

"Experiment and do not hesitate! "

"When you have very little time to reflect, do not need to worry and puzzle over the make-up, just try to apply makeup in a rush," - advises Ford.

Addition to this expression will be your wardrobe. And do not forget to take a shimmering powder - this is the image the final touch of the evening!
Author: JSS