Evening make-up in a hurry (part 1)
 In the words of Tom Ford: "Where's hot ? Here .... "This is a man who has had a great influence in the global fashion industry, he participated in the design of some of the collections for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, he is now working in the beauty industry and is engaged in the new collection, which bears his name -Tom Ford Estée Lauder Collection.

This is a man who lives the world of beauty, knows everything about it, so listen to his advice, if you want to look sexy and seductive.

A few rules to seduction

"Lips should shine like diamonds"

  Referring to the experience of the Hollywood stars. Marlene Dietrich, for example, ordered the company Max Factor gold dust and showered her their hair to make them irresistible shine! Thus, gold makeup makes you look sexy in any light, at any time. Therefore, to begin with, apply lip gloss translucent gold - and you're ready to easy flirtation.

"The nails should look naturally"

Take care of your nails and fingertips. Bright shimmering nail polish - the best way to make nails attractive. How about a red lacquer? Ford recommends leaving nails short and give them a rounded shape, and then apply red lacquer. So you show your elegance and a little sexual side.

To be continued…
Author: JSS