Sexy evening hairstyles and makeup
 Red lips? Kiss goodbye. Long ponytail? Not as low as before. To shock people this season, give up the usual and try to follow new trends. Below are established views and what is really at the peak of popularity.

Before: straight strands
Then and Now: the wave of retro

"Last season, were in fashion, straight hair, now unconstrained wavy tresses are becoming very popular," - says Rodney Groves, stylist, tells about the new season. But do not give up the hair dryer if you have curly hair by nature, you might be a bit to straighten them and use the hair iron to create unique hair, so you'll get the old Hollywood glamor chic.

Optimal variant:   * Make bouffant and secure with hairpins to create trendy hairstyles.

Previously: low ponytail
Then and Now: high tail light

For this hairstyle, divide hair in half - one part above the eye, the other - below. Then gather in the lower part of the tail, and tighten the band. And the upper part of the little nacheshite and align with the bottom. Result fix hairspray.

Council:   comb hair hairbrush, not a comb, so they will look cute and remain wavy.

Before: red lipstick and glitter
Then and Now: shiny pink lips

Crimson lips - it's cute, but they may seem too bright. More natural, acceptable color? Pink. "Anyone can apply a little bit of pink gloss on her lips, this color is suitable for everyone," - says stylist Tyrone Mahauzen. The most common way - drawing of pink gloss on the center of the lips, it gives your lips a seductive look.

Before: black mascara
Then and Now: experiments with eyelashes

When you select color or just decorating eyelashes, they should not look like a party. The main requirement - that your mascara does not leave black spots on the face and did not form lumps on the eyelashes.

Council: Apply a little glue for false eyelashes at hand. Then take the lashes with tweezers, dip them in glue and attach easily to the eyes. Hold for a few seconds, release rate results.