Holiday Makeup
 Often our festive make-up is different from the usual a greater intensity of the same shadow, powder and lipstick.
Professional make-up artist, author of "A and B make up" Dominique de Vorzhev (Dominique de Vorges), advises us to fully evolve during the holidays!

How and what should be a festive makeover unlike our everyday makeup?

I would say that it should be more luminous than usual. The main difference - in a choice of colors, you need to shade, for example, were white or purple to look beautiful in artificial light. On the feast sure to brown and beige. You can use, for example, pink or orange, two shades give your eyes shine. Important: Your disguise for circles under the eyes should be lighter than usual (2 lighter colors) of your liquid powder.

What products are used for the holiday makeup?

The night before, prepare your skin using gommazha and masks. Use smoothing gels or lotions to look good the next day. Prefer compact powder - loose, as it is much better hold on the skin.

Be sure to walk through the centuries puff: leather age should be very dry and well-kept to the shadows. For the eyes, of course, mascara with ultra-effect is extended. And do not hesitate to forever put a lot of shadows. First, the first layer, a little beige top - white or purple. A strip of shadows under the eyebrows illuminates the eye.

To sprucing up the neckline, you can put on it a glowing liquid powder. It is discreet and elegant. Finally, choose a matte lipstick and put a little shine on his lower lip.

How to makeup depending on the hairstyle?

If your hair is slicked back, it is necessary to model the face. Take a large brush, dip it into the powder colored terracotta and impose it on the cheeks and jaw bones. It gives a person relief.

In contrast, loose hair "eat" the person. It is necessary to put so more blush and lip make up a bright lipstick.

Mistakes should be avoided?

Do not put glitter on your face. This goes even for very young, but later, with age, it highlights wrinkles and increases the depression of cheeks. Also, do not use in front of a festive make-up is too fat cream, because the skin has a tendency to gradually "give" previously soaked cream. Finally, remember that the blush of pure orange proivzodyat bad impression with artificial light

Our range of products for the festive make-up:

Loose Powder - Poudre libre scintilllante from Gemey Maybelline, 11 euro
Eye shadow - Ombre à paupières Expert Wear of Gemey Maybelline, 6, 40 euros
Cream glowing Glam Shine Cream by L'Oréal, 9, 50 euro
Eye shadow - Fard à paupières Diamants by Lise Watier, 15, 50 euros
Mascara ultra volume - Mascara Ultra-Volume by Yves Rocher, 7, 50 euro