How to choose the right foundation?
 Beige, apricot, pink-colored wine, Styx, in powder or liquid texture: there are so many different types of foundation. Buy an expensive tone and make a mistake in this case - a shame!
Dominique de Vorzhev, professional cosmetologist, makeup artist, one of the authors of the book "ABC of makeup," explains how to pick up a foundation.

How to choose the right color foundation?

It depends on your skin color. The golden rule: tone should not repeat the color of your face.   If you have a pink complexion, Avoid pink tone beige and prefer. If you have a yellowish skin, choose bezhevo- pink. Finally, if you have dark skin, avoid beige tone that will give your face a grayish color, and choose a dark beige or beige and apricot.

To choose the perfect color tones, need it when buying a test. In perfume stores I often see the ladies are tested foundation on the inside of the wrist. But this is a mistake, because our faces are not the same color as your hand!

Put a little test tones on the jaw bone to see the effect that gives your face test foundation. The best color tone, it is not a color, and tone.   If the color is too dark foundation for your skin, the result will be artificial, if the tone is too light, you have to be a little tired, pale appearance.

How to choose the texture?

Selection is also based on the type of skin. Personally I prefer the liquid tone in the bottle, which is suitable as a thin skin, and more dense. I recommend liquid texture, however, especially for dehydrated, dry skin.

Styx, in general, very thick, correspond mainly skin prone to redness.

The tone of loose, powder should be used in addition to the liquid tone, it allows you to fix it.

How to apply tone?

Do not your fingers! When we impose the tone and rubs his fingers, it always turns out too much, too much, the result is not uniform, and the tone is not held. I always advise to apply liquid tone with the help of a little moistened sponge, moving from the center of the face to the outside thereof. A little bit of product is enough. For the upper part of the face: we stop at 2 inches from hair roots and rubs his fingertips.

For the lower part of the face: we stop at the chin. It is useless to put concealer on the neck, it stains the collars. As for the tone of the powder puff impose it - it's better than a brush, because you can not apply a thick layer of tone.

There are some recipes to make a perfect complexion all day?

Start your day with a moisturizing cream makeup. Then remove the greasy film that stays on your skin after the cream. Apply the mask to the circles under your eyes before you apply your liquid foundation.

Wait a few seconds, when the skin is dry, and then finish crumbly powder, not forgetting the inner corners of the eyes and chin depression: these places have a tendency to shine. This is a classic method of applying the basis for makyaizha, it is taught in any school cosmetologists.