How to look relaxed?
 In winter, perhaps the most difficult to look good. Wake up - dark, going to work - the dark, going to work - dark. And a million things at home, and did not keep his promise to sleep in the output. But it would be desirable to look at 100%.

The main symptoms of sleep deprivation: red eyes, puffy face and bags under the eyes. But you can help to burn. After all, if we look at public figures, many women can not boast of having slept for 8 hours but nevertheless look good. And it is not only expensive means caring, but also some tricks that work with conventional cosmetics.

Well, you want to know how? Then, here are some tips on how to create the illusion that you are fast asleep and sweetly all 8 hours.

1. exfoliates.   Before cosmetic tricks, let's start with the preparation of the face. As soon as you get up, or if you have not slept all night, it was morning, we go to the bathroom. Take a mild facial scrub and exfoliate the skin. First, you remove dead skin cells, leaving skin will become more healthy. Secondly, you will feel a surge of vitality.

 How to look relaxed?
   Do not use harsh cleaners in the morning, as they make the skin more sensitive to negative environmental factors.

2. Take a contrast shower.   And rinse with cool water. So you will increase the blood flow and the skin will look much better.

 How to look relaxed?
 3. Remove the swelling.   Bags under the eyes - not the only option manifestations of fatigue. Swelling of the face, especially if you drink a lot of fluids the night, the morning will make itself felt. Therefore, as already mentioned, rinse your face with cold water and wipe with a piece of ice. Then his eyes. There can be used in modern means as creams, clips, etc. And the cooled tea bags or cool spoon, you can use this method: cucumber slices or frozen berries, peas, or put in a cloth bag and attach to the swelling. The procedure does not take long and the result is simply stunning.

4. Moisturize.   This is the key to beautiful skin in any condition. Did you know that lack of sleep leads to skin that retains moisture worse, causing all the shortcomings of the skin show through, and you look even more tired. So please be a moisturizer that suits you.

 How to look relaxed?
 5. Movement - life . Charging in the morning - not a tribute to the old traditions. Morning classes disperse the blood, the body wakes up and the metabolism is accelerated. Excellent combination of breathing exercises and aerobic exercise. Take 10 deep breaths. Then 10 jumps on the spot, and another 10 deep breaths. If you feel the strength, then you can perform a few asanas, or other exercises. For example, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, ups the body. In jumping you spend no more than 1 minute. In the exercise 20 minutes, and you have enough energy for a long time.

6. Drops.   If you have bloodshot eyes, use eye drops. I advise you to consult with a specialist. After all, his eyes - a subtle tool that requires special attention. Often, these droplets can not be used, but you do not always get enough sleep not. A tea bags are usually well relieve redness.
Well, now move on to the tricks with makeup. Yes, thank you to those who came up, it comes up and will come up with these wonderful jars that even the most tortured of the mouse will make radiant health and beauty forces.

 How to look relaxed?
 7. Concealer.   Without it, no way. Well to put it, if it is a bit cool. By the way, hold the tips of his fingers slightly under cold water. So it would be better to go concealer. Its color should not differ by more than 1 tone of the skin, or else it will look odd. Makeup artists recommend to apply concealer after you have used tonal basis. Moreover, use concealer only where there is a dark place, but not in the whole area around the eyes.

8. The correct shade.   If you are crying or tired, you know the edge of the eyelid redness. To disguise it, use a foundation makeup shade pale pink color, almost like a powder. They will be able to cope with the task.

9. Draw a line.   Eyeliner Pencil and will also help to mask fatigue. Take a pencil light beige (not brown) and walk around the inside of the lower eyelid. Such a method has already been used for years in Hollywood. To make the look more expressive use gray or brown eyeliner.

10. White shade and a white pencil.   White shadow on the inner corners of the eyes make the eyes brighter and visually more. White pencil gives the same effect when put it on the inner part of the lower eyelid.

11. curls lashes.   Yes, make-up artists keep their secrets. Therefore they manage to learn purely by chance. So some advise to tighten up the lashes to brush up its image.

12. Let's add shine.   Much Shimmer on the inside of the eyes and cheeks refresh face.

13. Blush.   Do not neglect blush. If you do not get enough sleep, and so you look pale and tired. A blusher to add color. Apply them is slightly higher than usual, in order to add vitality. Well shaded blush.

14. Lips.   Eyes usually give our fatigue. Therefore we divert attention to the lips. Red lipstick is better not to use because it would nullify all the efforts. But glosses the most it. On such days, it is better not to use lipstick. Since their texture can only underline your fatigue. And shine, make the lips more volume that will distract attention from your eyes.

And finally:   Tips tricks and need to sleep.
Author: Vera Karabutova