Make up 20, 30, 40
 Women of all ages want to be attractive and seductive, so for every age, there are little tricks, like to emphasize strengths and hide the appearance of little flaws. A skilled makeup and well-chosen hairstyle can work wonders - give even the most ordinary appearance unique charm and beauty. Just a few tips will help create a new image, to emphasize individuality and draw attention to themselves.

In twenty years, make-up - very natural
In twenty years, the complexion itself exudes youthful glow and freshness blossoming bud, and spoil the effect can only be a few small lesions. The priority at this age is a skillful disguise existing problem skin and an emphasis on fresh complexion. For this purpose, the T-zone and cause rashes available tonal foundation for a new generation of so-called "second skin", which evens, while not weighing it. In twenty years, it is best to use tonal framework in the form of a mousse, has a very light texture.

If skin is oily, then a special matting foundation applied to the entire face, but strictly adhering to moderation, not to overdo it and do not turn a person into a frozen mask. To emphasize the freshness of the skin, can be lightly applied to the top of the cheekbones a little blush: pink to light skin, dark coral for a matte skin.

 Make up 20, 30, 40
   Avoid large amounts of makeup on her face, as the most fashionable trend this season is natural. For the same reason, do not use too dark tone lipstick or blush because they visually make the older and nullify all natural makeup. Instead of lipstick is best to use light and transparent lip gloss. Eye makeup in this case may be more intense, then he will emphasize the shape of the eyes and make the look more expressive.

Daily skin care in twenty years
In twenty years of daily skin care should be a must-see destination beauty programs. In addition to morning and evening cleanse the skin with cleansing milk or gel cleanser, encouraged the use of light nekamedogennoy moisturizing emulsion that preserves the skin glow and prevents inflammatory cells. For a more intensive skin care, once a week, you can use a scrub or exfoliation, which smoothes small defects of the skin are removed from the surface of dead skin cells, allow the skin to "breathe." After applying the scrub on your skin, you can apply the mask, which is chosen according to the skin type: oily, combination, sensitive, etc.

In the selection of cosmetics for the care to avoid the use of funds, which include alcohol and other ingredients that trigger increased production of sebum. Also, do not use in this age makeup too oily texture or consistency of thick moisturizing creams, because the skin constantly after them will shine.

 Make up 20, 30, 40
 Makeup thirty - natural and chic
As a rule, in thirty years a woman's life is very rich. She is constantly torn between work and home, that does not leave her much time for a comprehensive skin care and careful applying makeup. That is why the make-up of that age should be simple and not time consuming at the same time, giving the appearance of naturalness and chic woman. In order to perfect the complexion was initially used by means of circles under the eyes, then the entire surface of the skin is applied to liquid foundation with a thin even layer. To make the face shine on protruding parts of applied powder pink shades with pearl particles. To make the volume of the lips, you can use glitter and shiny lipstick shades.

Evening make-up involves more intense shades that allow you to create the image of a fatal seductress. In thirty years, it should avoid matte lipstick shades that make the older woman, and lip gloss with glitter, that certainly does not give a make-up glamor and naturalness.

For daytime eye makeup, you can use a pencil and ink less intense colors: brown, purple, blue. In the evening, you can decide on a more refined and feminine make-up, for example, «smoky eyes». Mascara or liner used should be black, that will make a dramatic and expressive eyes.

Daily skin care in thirty years
After thirty years of age the skin begins to lose its tone and covered with mesh of wrinkles. That is why the usual skin care at this age should be supplemented by the use of concentrated serum to the skin around the eyes that pierce lightly with fingertips into the skin of the upper and lower eyelids. Special serum for a beautiful radiant skin is applied to the massage lines to the rest of the face. Apply this serum should be in the morning, before using the main day cream that contains UV-filters that help fight free radicals. In the evening, as the skin care face and neck is preferable to use anti-aging creams, fluids, designed to care for skin after thirty years.

 Make up 20, 30, 40
 Expressive makeup forties
After forty years of make-up becomes more expressive and requires careful application. As a tonal framework chosen cosmetics, which cares for the skin, well it moisturizes, making a smooth and well-groomed. To make the skin glow on top of the cheekbones and chin lightens powder coated. In order not to burden the facial features, to avoid a large amount of powder blush orange or bronze hue, and use the shadows of dark colors.

As for the make-up lips, then you can afford lipstick intense colors: red, coral, pink, and the contour of the lips should be perfectly drawn, cosmetic pencil. Preference should be given a velvety, moisturizing texture that take good care of the skin of the lips. To lipstick kept as long as possible after the application circuit, the lips need a little powder, and then apply lipstick. After forty years, do not use makeup shine, because it makes more visible wrinkles on the skin of the lips and around them, as is necessary to avoid matt lipstick shades.

In marked lip makeup and beautiful complexion, the eyes can be a stress applying mascara on the upper lashes. Evening make-up can be completed shadows transparent pearlescent colors that make eyes look more open and expressive. Dark shadows makeup forties are contraindicated, since they aggravate facial features and highlight the under-eye circles.

Daily skin care in forty years
At forty skin care becomes more serious, and include not only a daily cleansing and moisturizing, but also the application of means for maintaining the concentrated tone tissue deep influence them. Makeup Remover Use a gentle milky lotion, and as a night cream anti-aging cream with selected active ingredients. Morning and evening on the skin around the eyes is applied anti-aging serum and anti-aging cream.

For extra care use exfoliating and firming mask that stimulates the natural regeneration of tissues. For moisturizing and skin care neck, décolleté and bust, use lifting tools that tighten the skin of delicate areas.
Author: Natalia Biatova