Make-up for the super-busy, or express make-up
 Just a few faithful manipulation brush for 10 minutes (or even less), and your makeup ready!

Crazy rhythm of work and constant care of the family and take home all the time and energy, and self-care does not leave any minute of time. Even such a procedure as a daily make-up at the busy lady is puzzling, it is absolutely no time. But, nevertheless, moved mascara lashes and lip gloss to look much more well-groomed than if you were entirely without "make-up". Here are some tips expert stylists that are easy to implement and require little or no time to exercise a maximum of 5 minutes "everything about everything"!

Tip!   If you know what time in the morning you will have to spare, it is necessary to prepare for the evening: choose clothes and shoes, put all you need in a handbag, choose cosmetics that tomorrow in hysterics do not gut the entire makeup.

Preparatory procedures

Naturally, it is advisable before applying make-up to prepare the skin, rubbing her tonic and causing a moisturizer on your face and décolletage. If the time is very short, then you can skip this phase.

Masking disadvantages

If you do not have time even half "full-fledged" makeup, you still must use the foundation, which will help to "hide" the dark circles under the eyes, dilated blood vessels, and other skin blemishes. To save time, you can apply the appropriate tone concealer on the problem areas and good shade.

Tip!   Avoid too light foundation, since it can make a person quite pale and tired.

 Make-up for the super-busy, or express make-up

Down with "rabbit eye"!

Overvoltage and long sitting in front of computer, our eyes begin to redden and look tired. To avoid this, you can use eye drops Visine, which successfully cope with this problem.

 Make-up for the super-busy, or express make-up
 Draw a glance

To emphasize the eyes and make the look more expressive, a single layer of high-quality black or brown mascara will be quite sufficient. The main thing is that ink not showered, or otherwise dark circles you provided. You can also apply a little white shadow under the brow to visually enlarge the eyes.

We focus on the lips

Makeup lip contour and lipstick will require sufficient time to correct all the flaws and emphasize the dignity. The Express version, you can use a very trendy right now shine.

 Make-up for the super-busy, or express make-up
 Rosy cheeks

If you still have a little time, you can refresh the face using blusher. Apply a drop of liquid blush on cheekbones, narrow if a person, or below, if the face is round and blend them carefully to avoid abrupt transition.

Complete the look

Without laid hairstyle image is considered not complete, but what if you have absolutely no time to do your hair? Firstly, it is necessary to make a good hairstyle, which hardly requires stacking. Second, if the haircut is long enough you need to buy a variety of clamps and clips that allow you to build in an instant hairstyle.

And finally, the prysnite favorite perfume, before you leave the door of the house.

Carve out at least 15 minutes for yourself, and believe me it will not go unnoticed!
Author: Inna Sedykh