Makeup Secrets
 Each woman is individual and wants to emphasize their individuality with makeup. Choosing makeup depends not only on the color of hair and eyes, but also on the skin tone. Proper selection helps to emphasize the beauty and well-groomed skin, cleverly disguises imperfections.

Harmonious, almost natural makeup helps make the image complete and refined, gives charm and makes a woman truly attractive.

Makeup for smuglyanok
The basis of the whole makeup is the application framework, which is to be half a tone lighter than the skin tone. If professional makeup often use light color for the central part of the face and darker - for the rest of its parts. To make dark skin glow, you need to choose a golden powder, orange or apricot shades. The latter makes the skin look like a real peach.

To achieve a uniform tone, first applied a special concealer in the lower eyelids, in order to hide the existing circles. This cosmetic product is also excellent masks available redness or inflammatory elements in the skin.

 Makeup Secrets
   Then the skin is applied to a foundation. Initially this means light touch applied to the sponge T-zone and then simply pierce the skin of the fingers from the center to the outer part of the face, to the uniform distribution and wicking substrate. Such a clear tone of the face helps to achieve naturalness makeup.

 Makeup Secrets
 The next step - applying blush. With a large blush brush is applied to the cheekbones. At the same time use a darker shade for the bottom part thereof, and to the top of the cheekbones inflict blush lighter. This will make the face more expressive, it will emphasize the oval.

As a shadow, you can choose beige, peach and golden hues that brighten the face and make the look more open. Do not use the yellow and the shadows too dark shades.

When expressive eye make-up, do not use bright shades of lipstick. The more intense the colors are permissible only in the evening make-up.

To make a complete makeover, broad brush applied to the skin powder with light reflecting particles that makes the skin radiant.

 Makeup Secrets
 Make-up for Snow White
Porcelain transparency requires the harmonious light skin and natural make-up. Pink and pearly tone makeup base highlight the beauty of fair skin. It is best to choose a modern formula of cosmetic products, which are virtually create the effect of a "second skin", rapidly absorbed and leaves no greasy. This makeup base beautifully accentuate the natural radiance of light skin.

With light skin and dark hair should choose matte and warm hues: amber brown, red-brown, muted plum. If the light and the skin and hair, in this case more appropriate to use a palette of cool colors: pink, purple, gray. Pastel shades of cold underlined the transparency of the skin, give makeup natural.

 Makeup Secrets
 To create the porcelain skin tone it will require a good moisturizing before applying makeup. The skin should be smooth and elastic, so it is best to use a cream-mousse or cream-fluid, which are well absorbed and allow the skin to breathe.

The next step - masking the shortcomings of skin - rash, redness, and blue circles under the eyes. To do this, the skin, the places requiring masking, light touch applied to the green base. To get the effect of velvety skin on his face is applied concealer, fluid pinkish hue, which will give light skin glowing and well-groomed appearance.

 Makeup Secrets
 To make-up was natural and almost transparent, blush and shadow have to choose a little pearl, pastel pink color.

Delicately underlines the transparency of porcelain light lip gloss skin soft, delicate shades: pink and light purple. With light skin tones do not use bright red lipstick or gloss shades as a color heavier features.
Author: Natalia Biatova