Makeup Summer 2006: the return of Betty Boop
 If 2005 was the apogee of "Gypsy appearance", the 2006 gives way to romanticism and sobriety. This season dresses and trouser suits return.
Season emphasize the eyes Betty Boop!

Romantic pink color of your face.

Place the pink color everywhere: on the cheeks, eyelids and lips. Pink - brilliant color, in order to hide fatigue and give a good image of the face. But not all pink! It is only good light, translucent, soft. This season, you can apply it on the entire face. In front, in the depression of the century, with white shadow or pencil on the upper movable century.

How to apply a new trend make-up Summer 2006?

For eye make-up it is just about to emphasize the look, not reinforcing it. Apply eye for choosing a simple black pencil eyeliner and pink, beige shade, purple or light gray pearlescent. Rare stamps in favor of the dark and the specific makeup for the summer.

Eye shadow.

On the question of the choice of eye shadow all the answers are correct! It is only that the correct dosing result. As a rule, the greater the contrast of shadows used, the stronger your makeup will highlight the color of the eyes. If you use one color shade, makeup is a natural (according to the intensity of the selected color).

The colors of summer make-up is very colored, but transparent!   The most fashionable trend color shadows got me-nots, lilac and pale green, coral, pink and pearlescent bright yellow.

To be in the trend, use this summer lilac or khaki. At the same time, remember that the whole range of lilac color goes well with white and gray. Khaki prefers neighborhood with bronze or coral for a solar result.

For a more spectacular view, play in unexpected associations in pastel shades.   Dare, for example, on a pale green eye shadow, eyeliner making fashionable plum. Or turquoise eye shadow, wrapping chocolate bar.

Know that the light shades and purple shadows enhance and illuminate the eye. In contrast, dark and opaque shades are perfect, if you find your eyes are too big. (Although, it seems that his eyes are never too big, so that they do not stress!)


Makeup Summer 2006 offers eyelashes - "spider legs." It's a return to the very Betty Boop made her eyelashes, painted on the top and bottom. Caution: if we round eyes, we do not recommend painting the lower lashes. This gesture "rounds out" look, especially if your eyes are brown or black ...

Ideal means? Mascara, capable of thickening, re-bend, stretch to the desired result of false eyelashes. For the effect of the eyelashes, make up to the maximum, take the bold black ink and apply it on the tip of the brush is the root of the lashes - this area is responsible for the impression made in ink.

Color ink may also be an excellent alternative to the shadows for a century, and when it is selected in unusual colors, it can already be considered a fashion accessory.

Pro Lash "Twisted Tulip" by MAC - Distribute only to the tips of the eyelashes! This mascara gives the pinkish tinge of fantasy in any makeup. Perfect for this summer, it creates a classic image Girl.
To create a bright dramatic look (deceive nature!), You have the choice between ink:

  1. Volume Shocking from l 'Oreal - as a result - the volume of lashes 12 times thicker thanks to technology 2 phases overlay
  2. Lash Stylist de Maybelline eyelashes for 7 times thicker
  3. Fantastic Lash mascara and multiplying de Cover Girl.

(About multiplying de Cover Girl .: Perfect small metal brush, made of twisted steel filaments surrounded sprouts nylon responsible for breaking up lumps. A small miracle with flexible plastic handle combs and separates lashes, covering them with the decorative ink).

  Try LashExact If you love the precision throughout. Since the first application of the lashes are coated with a protective film and give the mascara result is absolutely gorgeous eyelashes. What many intuitive and desperately searched for many years. Appearance without a hitch, without a hitch!

In the summer also we have to think prudently about the heat, about bathing. Try waterproof mascara Marathon de Cover girl,   that resists water and does not melt in the heat.


How to use it? Stretch gently eyelid to the outer corner of the eye, and then draw a line starting from the outside of the eye inward, stopping at the center of the upper eyelid just above the lashes.
Pre-Renew lower eyelid, starting this time from the inside of the eye, continuing to move to the outside of the eye. So, 2 lines (top and bottom) have virtually connect a common point outside corner.

There are different pencil:

Tracer pencil was always available in brown and black version. Today:

For harmony with your eye shadow Maybeline   He has added to its range Line Stylist sapphire pencil to play with colors of blue color or to emphasize blue eyes, and a jade green pencil and green eye shadow.

You will find Cover Girl   - Bold pencil that glides over the century - no doubt, this brand now the most extensive range of colors liner: lilac and purple flowers, green: sage and olive, indigo blue color and even the white quartz, to illuminate eyes. (Apply the white rolling along the eyelid or under the bottom lashes from the outer corner to the center of the eye).

Eyebrow Pencil is perceived by many as something purely east, but today there are many unexpected colors (dark purple, plum, chestnut, copper), which does look quite unexpected, if we apply these colors simultaneously on the eyebrows and around the eyes.