Perfect skin body - with the help of cosmetics
 Do not have time before the beach season to visit the beauty salon? It does not matter, because to get rid of rough skin, age spots, birthmarks and even tattoos possible without the help of a laser or microdermabrasion. To do this, there are other means - cosmetics, makeup.

Make-up on face masks irregularities, veins, bruises, wrinkles ... So why not use your skills and knowledge meykapa to adjust the body's skin? Incidentally, even the models have resorted to such methods. For example, it is known that the Angels Victoria's Secret always doing makeup body before every show. Let podsmotrena their techniques before heading to the beach.

Do not be afraid that you will need for the body liters tone means or corrector, you need to know only a few tricks and have the same tools that you use for your face.

Step 1. Preparation of the skin

The success of any make-up depends on the flatness and smoothness of the skin. Primers for the body is not created. They do not want - because there are ways to work smoothing and moisturizing the skin.

One of the main principles of preparation for the make-up - a good exfoliation. Then the foundation will lie smoothly, goes like clockwork. Exfoliate better to spend before going to bed, so that the skin has had time to recover and tighten the small micro-abrasions, if there will be. For exfoliation suggested to use a soft bristle brush or loofah. Then carefully rinse the skin and apply a moisturizing body lotion.

Step 2. Soil

You have learned that a special primer for the body yet. But if you have a primer for the face - take advantage of its benefits. Do not apply it to the whole body, it's no good. But if you plan to disguise wreaths, pigmented spots, or tattoos that these sites put a primer.

Step 3: Find your color

The color of the skin of the body is always a little different from the color of the face. Therefore, you should not immediately resort to their usual foundation to cover imperfections. Please pick the desired color to the adjustment did not look like a "patch." Another reason why your daily foundation must be mixed with another product - summer translucent formula, do not overlap completely.

But, fortunately, there is a solution. To his foundation can mix with a little beige shades, beige concealer or bronzer cream. Choose the right tone is not difficult. Do not use products that shimmering, not to draw attention to an area that needs to be corrected.

 Perfect skin body - with the help of cosmetics

Step 4. Feather

Be sure to blend the foundation, set to a vein or dark spots. Shade outside, until the color is not completely merge with the skin. If your vehicle has a light texture - can shade fingers. But, more funds should be allocated cream brush.

If one layer of the product is not fully covered some flaw, do not worry. Blend it and wait until it is completely dry. This will take 3-4 minutes. Powder stain and repeat adjustment - Apply another layer of tonal resources, blend outward.

By the way, one of the Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks once confessed publication New York Daily News, that before you go on the catwalk make-up artist puts on her buttocks at least 20 layers of makeup! Of course, we do not need 20 layers, because it is unlikely that you plan that your body will be considered in increasing the camera lens. But put on the crown of a mole or 2-3 layers of corrective means - it is quite a working method.

Step 5. Secure

This is perhaps the most important step to disguise flaws were resistant and lasted the whole day. Girls from Victoria's Secret say that sometimes keeps a fixed masking even while swimming! Of course, if you use waterproof means. A reception fix is ​​simple: over the tonal resources, apply a generous layer of transparent powder. Wait 2 minutes and whisk surplus. Now makeup fears neither heat nor sweat.

 Perfect skin body - with the help of cosmetics

Step 6. Correction tanned skin

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, the skin quickly becomes tan. Correct tanned skin should be completely the same as the pale. The only difference - to find the right shade. It will be darker. By the way, you can adjust the tonal resources and divorces from tanning to completely remodel the artificial tan.

Step 7. Makeup removal

Do not think that the soul of the ordinary enough to wash away the traces of makeup. To remove stubborn tone concealer means and need a special tool to remove stubborn makeup, or any detergent in the cream base. There is also an option - to remove makeup with the help of oil.

It should be noted that not removing makeup spoils the skin of the legs as well as your face. It may cause clogging of the pores, pimples and inflammation. But keep an eye makeup remover that you are working only on those areas of the body where there is a corrective means. And be sure to moisten the skin after makeup remover: the means to remove stubborn funds contain substances, drying the skin.

It remains only to wish you success in adjusting unwanted imperfections, and to dispel the myth that says that with the help of make-up and cellulite can "get rid". It is not, proofreaders and tonal foundations are not able to "paint" orange peel. But if it bothers you, and yet could not get rid of it - you can use one more advice from models Victoria's Secret. Cellulite is less visible on his tanned body, so sunbathing or tanning will help to feel more confident.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin