School makeup
 Today, the main make-up - perfect skin. Therefore, before applying the shadow, mascara, lipstick and blush, you must take care about the color of the face, for he is the foundation of your excellent appearance.

Tonal basis, concealer and powder - all you need to create the perfect skin!

Tone tone - discord!

To date, created a huge amount of tonal creams for all skin types, it is dry or oily, with a pinkish tinge, or tanned. And forget about the "old wives tale" that the foundation clog pores! Modern Products - your faithful friends in the fight against skin imperfections: they reduce pores, smooth fine lines and protect against harmful environmental influences.

Properly selected key basis will make a smooth and radiant any, even the most problematic skin!

In order to lay down uniform tone, previously apply a moisturizer on your face and let it soak for 5-10 minutes.

An important criterion is the color of tonal framework. If your skin is a little yellowish, select the tone with brown tint; Delicate pink skin requires a pinkish shade of foundation. Remember, your skin tone and should "sound in unison" - only because makeup will look naturally beautiful.

Color is also important when choosing powder. If you want to give a person a healthy, fresh look, use a bronze powder.

In the summer of bronzers can be used as a basis for make-up, well and in winter they will give you a tanned skin, as if you just got back from vacation.

Magic Tube

Yes, it was magic! After all concealers are able to disguise fine lines around the eyes, lips, line the nose and forehead. They are able to literally "erase" all traces of fatigue from your face - be it dark circles under the eyes or grayish skin tone!

There are solid concealer concealers as well as in semi-liquid form.

The final touch - powder

It is better to put your fingers, a sponge or a wide brush for makeup with a natural bristle brush. Powder permanently removes from the face of wrinkles and skin irregularities, but it will not look like a mask. In addition, the powder can be used during the day - if you suddenly notice the excess glitter on her face - just a little "powder the nose," and everything will be fine!