Sponges-berries: select the correct shine
 There is nothing more seductive than a beautiful and well-groomed female lips. The fair sex are aware of this and therefore responsibly approach to the selection of makeup products for the lips. Luster - one of the best "tools" the residents of the urban jungle, because it allows you to make and color brighter and larger volume and shape to correct.

Still, most women do not know how to pick up his lip gloss, how to apply, and what to do, so he kept his lips as long as possible, do not flow into the groove and not extend beyond the edge of the contour. A few tips to help fill the gaps in knowledge.

What is a quality shine?

The first step is to find out what can be called a truly high-quality luster. Firstly, it should be imperceptible on the lips. If there is a feeling sticky film, it indicates poor quality.

Secondly, the texture of the vehicle must be absolutely uniform, it should not be lumps, clots impurities.

Third, the gloss should be not only a dye but also's Skin. As part of the funds should be given vitamins like. Typically, this is A, C and E, various herbal ingredients. This lip gloss will flatten them, to protect against the adverse effects of the environment.

 Sponges-berries: select the correct shine

How to choose the glitter?

It is believed that the gloss is easier in application than classic lipstick in a tube. This has its own truth, but do not take into account all the nuances. What should we know about this tool makeup?

• The big mistake is to select the brightness of advertising in magazines and other glossy magazines. The fact is that each image is processed there in special programs, a photo editor, and therefore, the color brilliance in advertising is different from the present. To choose for themselves exactly the right shade, you should test the interest in the boutique cosmetics, and at the same time get some advice from a consultant.

• Gloss should contain natural plant components. It is necessary to pay attention to the composition, even if the plans do not include the purchase of expensive's Skin shine. One of the most decorative quality of budget funds are considered glosses from the company FFleur .

• No brilliance is no substitute for a healing balm. Therefore, it is better to put on top of a layer of balm.

• Brilliance can be used for one year, then it can be disposed of as expired products can cause allergies.

• Before you buy your favorite gloss, you should test it on hand. Causing a little money on the back side, it is necessary to evaluate its color and consistency. Denser shine will last longer.


In the world of cosmetics have their best sellers. Most quality, according to many fans, is "ultrablesk" Gloss d'Enfer   from Guerlain .

 Sponges-berries: select the correct shine

Very good luster from the Japanese brand Shiseido And not only European line, but also the Japanese, which is characterized by a low price.

Moisturizing lip gloss Gloss Appeal   from Clarins   It is not only a means of decorative cosmetics. It contains vitamin complex and plant extracts that care for lips.

 Sponges-berries: select the correct shine

Lip Gloss by L'Oreal, Rimmel, Maybelline   also of good quality. And shine Colorbust   from Revlon , Reviews of shoppers, do not differ in quality from Gloss d'Enfer Guerlain .

 Sponges-berries: select the correct shine

Lip Gloss - is an excellent means of decorative cosmetics that make the focus of a profitable day or evening make-up. By selecting the suitable color, you can create a unique aura of French charm. We're worth it!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya