The color of the event: What is the shade-applications
 Agree, it would be great to have in your purse magic bullet: paid them for ever - and is ready to make a professional eye. We wish you good news: sometimes fairy tale turns into a profit due to the indifferent female beauty to people. To find out what was going on, read our article.

Shadows-application: what is this phenomenon?

It looks like the market of products for make-APA is brewing a revolution: the world were presented to the "instant" shadows, allowing to create both the makeup stylist for a few seconds.

With this development, we are required to make-up artist Irina Esilevich, who along with her husband and brother-chemist seriously attended to the creation of rapid method for guidance of beauty. Although the technology was patented back in 1992, the shadow-applications are only now beginning its magical march across the planet.

Conversion shadows are mineral pigments, in various combinations, the special applicator superimposed substrate in the form of eyes. You need only lay the foundation to the closed eyelid, gently smooth it to remove the substrate and enjoy the result. Admittedly, it will make you happy, because with the help of teney- "perevodok" in the blink of an eye you can create both subtle natural makeup for the day or a daring youth and flawless glow evening make-up.

Applications for eyelids are "international" development, because You can choose the right color and shape for every skin color and eye shape. Manufacturers claim that the innovative development of a fully hypoallergenic, hygienic and easy to remove.

 The color of the event: What is the shade-applications

What you should know before using teney- "perevodok"?

• The main supplier in Russia and Ukraine, through which you can purchase these applications for a century, is a company ColorOn Professional (USA), which has representative offices in the capitals of those countries;

• The scope of the selected shadows includes fixing powder and brush for its application. If you prefer shades with a metallic shade, get a shiny powder, reinforcing flicker;

• When the shadows, applications should be guided only by their taste and mood, forgetting about the rules of selection of cosmetics for eye color and skin tone;

• Special moisturizing formula shadows with reflective pigments visually makes fewer wrinkles around the eyes and skin care age;

• The applicator is for all teney- "perevodok" has the same size and consists of a flexible soft material, suitable for most types of age, regardless of the size of the eye and landing;

• Instant shade perfectly coexist with other agents for eye make-up and do not require additional base for shadows. After applying the applications you are free to do with them whatever you want: further decorate the other shadows, liquid liner and pencil;

• Lock or shimmering powder is applied to the image before applying mascara to the eyelashes;

• To remove eye make-up can be used as wipes, which offers to buy with shadows and familiar tools on fat basis.

 The color of the event: What is the shade-applications

All who wish to acquire such miracle of the beauty industry, contact the foreign shops or representatives of the company in the CIS, after-sale shadows applications already underway. However, it is unlikely you will be able, together with the time savings on this and even make-up to save money. On average, a set of 20 pairs of applications worth $ 30, that is, This amount will have to pay an average of 20 days in their "exploitation". Of course, compact shadows for the same amount will be enough for much longer. On the other hand, so nice to treat yourself to an unusual novelty and look at 100, when it is really necessary. Therefore, the choice is yours.

 The color of the event: What is the shade-applications

Author: Anna Hodchenkova