The cornerstone: choose the perfect foundation
 Flawless skin healthy and radiant appearance - not what you dream of all women? Modern tonal funds are able to make each of us very attractive, desired and beautiful. But there are nuances!

Actual tonal foundations have little in common with their predecessors. Instead of clogging the pores of the consistency of the "first" creams we have on hand a decent product, which has not only masks but also caring properties.

Formulas new tonal resources are created taking into account the daily use. Quality products lack ingredient such as alcohol (dry skin), but gained valuable components - vitamins, hyaluronic acid, peptides and ceramides.

They can only harm in the case of individual intolerance of a particular ingredient present in the composition. In general, beneficial effects on skin tone can not be overestimated - moisturizes, nourishes, disguises flaws, fights inflammation and pigmentation, protects against photoaging.

 The cornerstone: choose the perfect foundation

How to choose the perfect foundation?

By choosing colors should be treated seriously, because it is - the foundation makeup. It is necessary to consider many things - your age, skin type, and, of course, color. Makeup artists have created a whole manual selection of the optimum color tone and texture for each of the women. In addition, they shared the secrets of applying tonal funds. All this on!

Light shade of skin

Light skin is usually thin and sensitive, she often suffers from dry and prone to peeling. Therefore, the perfect solution for it is light and liquid forms of tonal components of caring products. This can be creams, fluids and serum. Fluids, like cream can be used daily, but the tone serum, as usual, the course of two to three months. The advantage of fluids and sera of creams - a greater number of active ingredients.

Your choice:   slightly darker natural tone. Choosing a product tone on tone, you run the risk of looking tired and pale, and too dark shade will give your face unnecessary drama.

Swarthy skin

'Tanned' on the nature of the skin is not as capricious as the light, but it has its problems. Chief among them - a tendency to hyperpigmentation. To protect themselves from the scattering of dark spots, use a foundation with SPF-factor all year round.

Your choice:   to model the face, use multiple colors at once. Visually reduce the amount of dark tone, and increase - light. It must be remembered that the tonal resources will look just fine on a properly prepared skin. So do not forget about the three-tiered care - cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

 The cornerstone: choose the perfect foundation

Natural skin tone

If you want a tone as close to a native, use a moisturizing product with a light tinted effect. Due to the delicate texture, they do not clog pores, evens the complexion, giving the skin a healthy appearance.

Your choice:   moisturizers tone effect, or the effect of sunburn. Apply them the next morning. In normal to oily skin - directly on the cleaned surface when dry - on top daytime moisturizer.

Age skin

The appearance of wrinkles on the skin is often accompanied by another problem - the difficulties in applying the tonal resources. To achieve a good uniform color, and "return" youth and smoothness can be through the use of foundation with lifting effect. It does not contract skin and does not accumulate in the wrinkles.

Your choice:   to tone lighter, ten years younger - say charming French and makeup artists in solidarity with them. By choosing your own color, make sure that it was a little paler than the natural color of the skin. Note - dense texture tone tools can create a "mask effect" and definitely adds age.

 The cornerstone: choose the perfect foundation

Select the tone for your skin type

Matting, lifting, moisturizing and anti-acne - all the tonal resources are divided into subgroups. In order to get the perfect skin tone, check the product with skin type.

Tonal foundation for oily skin   It is a part of the components that regulate saloobrazovaniya and eliminate shine. The most famous among them, zinc, sulfur, B vitamins oily skin have to taste matting cream powder and light tones emulsion.

Creams for dry skin   contain substances that retain moisture and provides the skin with nutrition. It - hyaluronic acid and oils - avocado, grapeseed, almond and others. As for the texture of the funds is better to choose a thick dense cream.

Tonal basis for normal skin   - Visually eliminates visible defects of the skin, adds a sense of freshness, give the illusion of a tan.

Foundations for mature skin   contain humectants and antioxidants. Among textures make their choice in favor of a cream with lifting effect, and refrain from the use of cream, powder and cream-stick, because the latter only accentuate existing wrinkles.

Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova