Tone tone - discord?
 Correctors, also known as the tonal foundations operate on the principle of masking the area of ​​skin that you are not happy, for example, to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

Main features of their work - the application of color, it is necessary for you to hide any skin imperfections. Therefore, proofreaders for reddish skin tones contain neutralizing green coloring.

Skin is composed of four kinds of pigments, the combination of which for each person individually. These include: oxyhemoglobin, which makes blood red, reduced hemoglobin, which gives bluish veins; the main pigment, which determines the color of the skin while in the sun, and carotene, which brings a yellow tint.

Skin tone can be predominantly reddish (warm) or bluish (cold) with a high content of carotene skin color becomes yellowish.

Rules for balancing color

Currently, a variety of cosmetic products offer different ways to color correction, however, should take into account your own set of pigments in the selection of correctors, who offer all kinds of shades. Here are the basic rules when selecting the tool.

If your skin is pale with shades of green and blue tones , Try a yellow concealer to neutralize the blueness and pink - to get rid of green tones.

If you have dark skin,   and you would like to add a gray or blue, try a peach tone corrector.

If you have a yellowish skin,   you'll like lilac shade to neutralize the color.

How to deal with neutralizing agents:

• You should be applied concealer as foundation, a finger or a special brush.

• Do not take your finger from the tube corrector, better use sponzhikom or spatula.

• Be careful with the doses of application - do not use a large amount of money.

• Apply concealer to the area you want to mask, and then distribute it. You can use a sponge, but it is better to distribute your fingertips, because thanks to their natural warmth improves blood circulation.

• Do not use correctors too dry consistency, only if you have oily skin. These types of cosmetic products and poorly applied on the skin look unnatural.