Useful tips for choosing a color mascara
 Think color ink - it's just the lot of bold experimenters? Not at all. Subject to some simple rules such ink is capable of favorably emphasize the beauty of the eyes and give the image of a particular style and charm. Having been at the peak of popularity in the 1990s, color ink does not lose its relevance today. What should take note when it is selected?

First of all, mascara should be chosen, taking into account the peculiarities of their appearance: the tone and skin color, eye color, eyelashes and hair. Do not be amiss to draw attention to her clothes, accessories and make-up, which is planned to be applied with colored ink. Not least in the choice of such an extravagant makeup plays and the place you intend to visit. It is unlikely that you will use mascara bright, acid colors, going to a business meeting.

 Useful tips for choosing a color mascara

Pay particular attention to the color of their eyes. Their shade should blend with the color of the carcasses, and together represent an indivisible whole. It is important that mascara stressed the beauty of your eyes, and do not set off her. Here, for example, what color combinations are appropriate:

- For green eyes   best fit purple plum with possible variations. Also, the color looks good in a pair of gray eyeshadow.

- For owners of brown or dark brown eyes   pay attention to the brown, green or dark blue ink. It looks good with silver make-up shadows and green ink - appears unique in the eyes of the magic that can charm anyone.

- To dark brown eyes   better to pick up purple ink.

- Girls with blue, gray and blue eyes   They can safely emphasize their maritime shades of mascara, and choose the shade of bronze or copper color. Sisyrinchium also well suited purple ink.

 Useful tips for choosing a color mascara

One of the most common mistakes - the choice of mascara and shadow similar shades. This should be avoided. Color mascara and shadows merging together, not able to emphasize neither the first nor the second. Before the process of applying mascara to curl eyelashes recommended using special pliers. Since mascara is better to emphasize the eyes. The result of applying mascara depends on a good brush.

If you are going to go on daily business, it is better apply one coat of colored mascara. And before the meetings, for a club or a party, we can safely apply it to three layers. If you are afraid of "layering effect" and want to be good to keep the shape of the lashes, apply mascara first base.

 Useful tips for choosing a color mascara

Not all colors of mascara are appropriate for any occasion. For example, for day trips, and more suitable ink darker shades. And in the evening or at night will help you look impressive and attractive bright mascara, and even bold colors. Extravagant colors are well combined with colored eyelashes.

 Useful tips for choosing a color mascara

Deciding to use color ink, please refrain from the desire to put on eyelids colored shadows. You should not overdo it with color - there is a great risk of looking ridiculous and stupid. It suffices to apply the color ink and a little blush. If you'd like to further emphasize the eyes, stop for a black pencil to the inner eye rims.

Finally, a few words about the colors of mascara:

1. Red

Many people often tend to avoid this shade of mascara, afraid to look vulgar. However, when used correctly, red shades of mascara, you can create a very interesting and stylish image. Try first to put it only on the tips of the lashes. If the result you want, you can try to apply it in several layers. People with blue eyes are suitable light red, coral shades.

 Useful tips for choosing a color mascara

2. Purple

When using purple mascara should be remembered that the color tends to look brighter on the brush than when applied to the eyelashes. Do not be afraid of its saturated color - it is great harmony with the different shades of skin. Using this ink, you can better emphasize its green tones and brown eyes do look deeper and languid.

 Useful tips for choosing a color mascara

3. Blue

This color is quite versatile. However, to find the perfect shade of blue ink, combined with the color of eyes, hair, skin tones required preliminary experiments. With blue ink blue eyes seem deeper, with green-brown eyes - brighter noticeable green tinge and dark brown can catch even a golden tone.

4. Bronze

Anyone who chooses a bronze ink, probably wants to add more light to the eyes and shine. Do not worry that the ink is too bright and spoil the picture - even in two layers, it does not seem intrusive. It is perfect for green, blue eyes, and especially emphasize brown. Bronze mascara successfully combined with the similar color of blush and lipstick. Almost the same recommendation can be given in the choice of copper and orange ink.

 Useful tips for choosing a color mascara

5. Green

It is able to thicken, lengthen eyelashes and accentuate the shape of the eye. Green ink is several shades. But all of them are great owners of blue, gray, blue, and of course, green eyes. If you carefully apply mascara on the tips of the lower or upper only cilia, it will look quite nice and brown eyes. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise you can turn into a mermaid with eyes shrouded in mud.

6. With Glitter

Brilliant mascara a great choice for trips to the night club or a party where you can afford a little more than the daily routine. Eye color does not play a special role. This mascara will add luster and charm any girl. However, we must bear in mind that glitter mascara can illuminate not only your mind but also the wrinkles under the eyes, making them more visible.

7. Grey

The girls who are a little tired of the usual black ink, you can safely try it gray. As the functionality of the gray ink is very close to the black. But believe it is much more interesting and softer.

 Useful tips for choosing a color mascara

8. Brown

Still, the best alternative to black mascara - it is brown. It can be safely recommended to all the ladies. Just as gray, it is well softens the look. Choosing a shade of brown mascara should take into account skin tone: the girl with light skin suit lighter shades of mascara, and the owners of dark skin - dark-brown color.

9. White

White ink is unlikely to be used for daily activities, in the "pure" it is good for special events, club trips and a Christmas party. But as a basis for your usual mascara it will be wonderful. With her eyelashes look thick and well keep their shape.

10. Yellow

If you want to try a yellow ink, it is better to leave it in the summer. Fashion on the color of mascara introduced spring 2013 makeup collection by Chanel. You have to be prepared that the yellow lashes will not all girls. But solar blondes can safely experiment with it.

 Useful tips for choosing a color mascara

11. Gold and silver

Who does not love gold color? He is able to emphasize any make-up eyes and give a festive mood. This will help strengthen the effect of black eyeliner and rich brown shade. And on a sunny day gold mascara adds a charming sparkle to your eyes. Very close to it the characteristics of a silver ink. Unlike gold, silver eyelashes seems a little quieter and cooler.

12. Pink

It is - for the brave experimenters. Her increasingly choosing adolescent girls who have not yet decided on the style and try a little of everything. Also pink mascara is good for bright theme parties. Contrasting shade it should be chosen carefully.

Whichever color you choose, remember that the experiment should be carefully considered.
Author: Albina Rogov