What cosmetics helpful?
 The modern approach to makeup dictates not only the selection of high-quality and trendy products and innovative textures, but also funds from caring properties. Most of us are focused only on the presence of the filter SPF lipstick, powder and blush. And what else to pay attention? How to make your makeup is not only stylish, but also beneficial for the skin?

1. Lipstick . Last year was a breakthrough for the lipstick. He outlined a revolutionary new product from Dior - lipstick, which is more than the lipstick. She even called "whey" it - Rouge Dior Serum. It costs more than 30 euros per unit, of course, can not be attributed to this thing accessible to all. But the bar for lipstick set. And now, for many brands, including mass market, it is good form to include lipstick formula anti-age and caring ingredients.
What are looking for in lipstick : Hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, mango extract, jojoba, SPF 15.

 What cosmetics helpful?
Rouge Dior Serum

2. Lip Gloss . Here, too, we will be guided by the best examples. These are can be called from Clinique shine with vitamin C. In addition to the natural shine and some effects of volume lip glosses and can be protected from the adverse effects of the environment. Hydration is also a plus to this product, especially girls who love shines, often complain that shines often dried lips. In almost splendor reference Clinique performs the role of antioxidants pomegranate and acai berries nourish lips, as if filling them with such a la the detective. Good gloss can be used not only for decorative purposes, it will protect from the wind, cold, bad weather, free radicals and solar rays.
What are looking for in a blaze : Vitamin C, antioxidants, natural extracts.

 What cosmetics helpful?
  Gloss from Clinique Vitamin C

3. Shadow . Modern shadows have a good lasting color, silky texture and bright and do not fade the pigment - a distinctive feature paletok shadows from many manufacturers. But not only. A good example - mineral shadow. They do not dry and allow the skin to breathe, however, for dry skin do not fit. But technology is baked shadows to keep a brilliant pigment, and at the same time to "deliver" to the desired product of caring and moisturizing ingredients. Creamy shade also have the opportunity to more saturated with nutrients.
What are looking for in the shadows : Creamy texture or baked foods, vitamin E.

 What cosmetics helpful?
Waterproof cream shade YSL

4. corrector concealer . The products we use in the most delicate and sensitive skin areas - around the eyes. Therefore, make sure that the formula was a light, non-greasy texture. But not only the right shade and texture are important. Many concealers contain cooling components to remove dark circles under the eyes and puffiness is not only a disguise. The extracts of green tea and pomegranate are used as powerful antoksidantov.
What are looking for in the equalizer : Antioxidants, extracts, mint, green tea, caffeine, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, SPF 30 filters.

5. Powder . Mineral powder is good only for young girls with oily and normal skin. At age - other requirements to powder, or from her at all possible to give, trusting to work with only the skin tone concealer.
What are looking for in powder : SPF 30, antioxidants

6. Tone Cream . Particular attention should be paid to anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients in a tonal framework. For example, silicone balls in the tonal framework seamlessly fill uneven skin, hiding wrinkles, pigments and gold, gold and peach tones neutralize pallor that appears with age. We also need to tone cream ingredients that enhance the synthesis of collagen and antioxidants. Mandatory protection from the sun. Tonal framework can "work" as a nourishing day cream, saturating the skin with beneficial ingredients, so often in creams can meet protein complexes, Omega fatty acids, peptides, minerals and vitamins, hyaluronic acid, vegetable oils. All these ingredients penetrate deep into the epidermis, so it will not be superfluous if they look after your face during the day.
What to look for creams Vitamins C and E, antioxidants, SPF 30, and extracts of nutritious complexes.

 What cosmetics helpful?
Caregivers concealer Lumene comprises camelina oil, rich in Omega fatty acids and peptides which increase the elasticity of the skin.

7. Blush . Despite the complexity of the application, creamy texture is more universal. Cream Blush not dry the skin, illuminate it, take care not "flow". The creamy texture, you can save more caring ingredients for the skin.
What are looking for in the blush : Creamy texture

8. Make-up brushes . Although it seems that the most useful for the skin - a brush with natural bristles, yet this factor is not the most important for health. The most important thing for brushes and sponzhikom, brushes and so on - is purity. After the brush and brush - the ideal environment for bacteria. Recently, dermatologists advise even exfoliation to produce disposable washcloths. What to say about the brush!
Author: Julia Shestakova