Where and how to properly store cosmetics?
 Arsenal cosmetics girls and women is large enough. So much so that sometimes dresser literally bursts with fragrant bottles, jars and beautiful miniature tubes. In this case, we share the cosmetics into three equal parts, each of which has been given a place on the table, in the refrigerator and bathroom. The problem seems to be solved, but we did the right thing?

Every cosmetic product has a shelf life - it is an indisputable fact. However, it is only relevant if we stand for an ideal product temperature and the storage environment. But that's not all, we still need to use this facility in accordance with the laws of beauty. For example, a jar of cream take special spatula, not your hands, always keep the bottles tightly closed, and the ball deodorant regularly cleaned under running water.

From these simple rules here it depends on how long cosmetics will give us the expected effect and delight us with their appearance, texture and flavor.

Temperature range

Most of the cosmetics unpretentious. She was quite a mark on the thermometer at 10-25 degrees Celsius above zero, and it will feel great all metered manufacturer term. The number of such beauty products include: tonal foundations, base makeup, BB and CC-creams, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, deodorants and sunscreens.

A sissy-eat foods that limit your life and demanding with respect to temperature. So, natural cosmetics labeled bio stored no longer than 12 months at a temperature of 5-23 degrees Celsius.

Moderate temperature expected creams, gels loop age, serum and tanning. As drugs, they like a cool, dry place in strictly designated within 12-18 ° C.

Perfumes are not capricious. Equally well it will perform its responsibilities, being in a room with a temperature of + 15 ° C, and in the refrigerator with the regime of -10 ° C. But nail polish can not stand the heat. He preferred markers thermometer 0-15 ° C. And do not shake before use!

Dressing table

It is convenient to store cosmetics, which we regularly use. Fortunately, manufacturers are doing everything to ensure that we were comfortable to put the products and the process of bringing the maximum pleasure. Moreover, not only physically but psychologically level.

Before arrange their goods on the smooth surface of a table, make sure that the makeup will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Done? - Now place the makeup of the list:

Foundations, BB and CC, creams, powders, cosmeceutical vitamin C, mascara, lipstick and lip gloss, eyeliner pencils, masks, based on clay and seaweed.


Despite the fact that there are special means for applying to the skin after bathing and showering, they should not be kept in the bathroom. The fact that they are repelled by high humidity conditions, since in such an environment, bacteria multiply freely. The latter, as you know, do not improve the cosmetics and spoil the quality.

On the shelf in the bathroom can be placed scrubs and body peelings, shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, gels and deodorants for the body. Nearby you can put a personal care products that are best buy "in reserve" just in case. Behind the closed door of the cabinet can be placed salt and bubble bath.

Note that if you use the bathroom heating elements, they must be at a sufficient distance from the shelf and cupboard with makeup. This is also necessary for safety and storage conditions cosmetics.


With regard to storage of cosmetics in the refrigerator is no concept of "need", some products may be there, but not necessarily. With the same success you can keep these resources in their room. Although some products are still nice to be applied to the skin after finding it in a cool place. For example, the thermal water and facials labeled fresh, patches and an eye mask with aloe vera, caffeine, cucumber extract or seaweed. That is, the means which are composed of cooling agents.

In addition these products may be refrigerated serum concentrates, and fat-based creams. Professional with fruit acids, peptides and DNA fragments, if the label is not specified other requirements. Perfumes and essential oils in closed boxes, as well as natural cosmetics labeled bio.

As for the resinous essential oils, there are some nuances. For example, oil of myrrh, patchouli and incense prefer warm - 15 ° C. Carefully read the labels!

Proper organization of storage beauty products allow to use them for as long as is specified by the manufacturer. Consider the needs of cosmetics, and it will always bring you the expected results!
Author: Natalia Bartukova