A few words about nails
 Here are a few good tips to help you abandon the weak and damaged nails, opting for neat and beautiful.

It is better to start with nails when they are about 3 mm long. Thus, they have grown enough to give them a suitable form, and you will not be able to damage and disrupt the natural growth, as it happens, when they begin to file quite short nogotochki. Do not forget that too long nails - it is ugly as quite short, when they have neither form nor a definite form. File nails in one direction from one end to another, making it gently and carefully, then you will not risk being left with broken and weak nails.

Selecting sawing

Avoid metal nail files, because it is too rough and can cause damage to your nail plate. Most experts recommend a soft nail file, which even in the case of improper use will not harm the form of nails and their structure.

The choice of form

Some people want to have a rectangular shape of the nails, as it is considered the most practical. Maybe so, but do nails it does not affect their strength is not determined by the shape and structure and gentle care. It is best to choose a form of nails, based on the shape of the cuticle.