Excellent nails
 Beautiful hand look impressive even without the diamond ring. If you want, what would your pens always wanted to kiss? Here are a few tips from the professionals - the 7 most important rules of the perfect manicure.

1. Do not spend a lot of time
For the French manicure does not take long, the main thing - experience.

The easiest option: just stick with white stripes on the nail itself (eg, "French Manicure complete", Alessandro), and put on top of a transparent varnish - all manicure is ready!

2. Combine
What can really help against the soft, brittle nails? 4 weeks of daily apply firming lacquer (eg, "No 1" by Misslyn), as well as adjunctive therapy eat calcium-rich foods (eg, milk, green vegetables), as well as products containing zinc (eg, leguminous fruits, nuts).

3. The "seal"
To nail does not grow, experts are always sawed it only in the direction from the edge to the center. So you literally "seal the" nail, which will prevent it from growing into and delamination.

4. Care
A gentle hand skin needs constant moisture. So indulge its moisturizing and nourishing masks, as well as every day do not forget to apply a special moisturizing cream.

5. Treat
To avoid burrs, it is necessary about once a week exfoliate your hands by special means (for example, "Cuticule piling" from Nivea). After gently move the cuticle and skin around the nail brush with olive oil, petroleum jelly or cream.

If you have your nails with a yellowish tinge, this does not mean that you have something sick. Just most nail polishes contain a pigment that literally "eats" in the nail plate, so never forget to apply a transparent substrate under the paint!

There is a little secret:
  wipe nails with lemon juice and a few minutes, rinse - nails will become whiter. Just as the masking agent can use special bleach varnishes.

7. Properly apply varnish
To varnish kept longer, be sure to remove the remnants of the old nail polish and cream. Then apply a transparent basis, allow it to dry. Now you can apply varnish color: three strokes (downward), apply the first layer, let it dry. If you want to color was brighter, apply another coat of colored varnish. Finally cover with quick-drying nail coating - so you spend less time drying the nails, as well as will save your manicure from small cracks.