Male manicure
 The word "manicure" sounds like something not a man, but it is the presence of well-groomed nails distinguishes man from apes. Closer men chosen to novelties nail care. And it does not mean that they paint them bright, no - just the right address. Intrigued? If you do not want to visit the salon, the following is a step by step algorithm nail care at home.

You will need:

• Nail Clippers

• Nailfile

• Tripartite polishing nail file

• Stick Cuticle

Step 1. Cutters

Treat nail clippers, removing only the ends, so as not to damage the fingers. Give them a square shape, remove burrs. Note: If the length of the nail below 0, 8 inches, the better to take advantage of sawing.

Step 2. Nail File

Use a saw to make nails rounded and smooth. It will give them a well-groomed appearance, and allow to grow smoothly. Note: file nails in one direction, so they will not exfoliate and burrs appear.

Step 3. Polishing Sawing

It sounds sexy, does not it? Really very funny, that many young people perceive this Female features. This type of sawing is needed in order to align the nail plate, give your nails shine. This is the final touch to your manicure.

Step 4. Stick Cuticle

Cuticle - outermost layer of skin, which is above the surface of the nail. By removing the cuticle, you pretend your nails more manicured. Moisturize your skin cream or a special tool for the cuticles to soften it. Then, using the rounded end, slide it.

Note: typically the cuticle area appear burrs. Do not hurt them, or you can bring an infection.

Step 5. Again tripartite sawing

Use a third party to complete nail care. Do not worry, it's a healthy sheen polish. It is inherent in not only the girls, but also to all men.