Nail length matter?
 You hate layer broken or delicate nails? Previously, it was a problem, but now much more optimistic.

Artificial nails - a good choice if you bite them or they often break. Some women are increasing their nails only in order to get rid of bad habits, while others simply want a beautiful, long nails, which look great, both in everyday life and at the party.

If the procedure is carried out capacity is true, artificial nails will cause little damage your nails, but they can not make them healthier. Manicure specialist Deborah Limpman said: "Capacity is like color of hair - once you start, so it becomes a constant need." When you stop the process, as long nails are restored, the hair after coloring, that is, until fully grown.

Artificial nails - it is not the same as a weekly manicure.   Limpman explains: "You need to make the correction of nails, at least once every few weeks.   This procedure is necessary to strengthen the glue effect, weakened the influence of the growing of your nails. There is another reason to see your manicurist regularly: when water gets under the nail you can develop a fungus or other infections. Also, experts will rasp growing nails in order not to be seen. If you want to build the safest and easiest way - hiking in the interior, where they will be gently removed by a specialist.