Our cosmetic: the best nail polishes
 Despite the fact that the market has a myriad of nail polishes that promise to transform your hands and feet, yet do not stop searching for: I want to find a bottle with a radiant, quick, trendy stuff. We checked and tested 10 of the most popular brands and colors.

• Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Nail Lacquer Crystal Opaline - 9ml.   Brilliant pale pink hue that resembles a French manicure after a single brush stroke. Varnish dries quickly and has a neutral shade for summer.

• MAC Swinger - 14ml.   This pink hue is very bright and eye-catching, in one word - fun. One layer is enough to nail lasted five days. It's very easy to apply, and it is well suited for the release - one of its kind says, "notice me."

Clinique Glosswear Nail Enamel Pink Shimmer # 33 - 15ml.   I really like this thing - stunning transparent pink color was just amazing. The bottle of nail seemed quite opaque, but on the nails - to get a totally different effect. After one layer of varnish was held for five days, and to put it was very easy. Plus - he has not broken off or peeled. Lac so did not require nursing care that after the first layer I was ready to exchange it for a summer vacation.

Lancôme Lacquiresist Perle, Colour 22 - 15ml.   I really liked this gentle pink shade that looks very natural on the nails, but I must admit that I am a fan of varnish has long Lancôme, because they always lie very flat and smooth. I recommend everyone to try it, even though that is a bit more expensive than I usually used to spend.

Revlon Copper Glaze Platinum # 05 - 15ml.   This gentle bronze shade immediately impressed me, and the consistency was completely smooth. After a few days had begun to paint peeling. Therefore, you probably need to use a top coating - which is not very good. I prefer to use just such shades, but this was one of the best, among those that I have tried. I definitely liked the texture varnish, and I will definitely buy this brand again.

Tommy Hilfiger Play As You Go Maribu - 15ml . This beautiful plum hue can be used both for daily and for evening use. Normally I put two layers - the second, as a rule, for a more intense shine - so this lacquer color turned out just fantastic. It lives up to its name, dry about two minutes so that I can begin their business almost immediately. Luck started otluplyatsya after about two days, but I will definitely use it again.

• Chanel nail polish Fuschine - 13 ml.   I really liked the color - refined, with a hint of metallic shine. One layer is held for several days. Chanel have a better color range, all shades of fine, not heavy, and the new come twice a year to meet the latest fashion trends. These lakes are of excellent quality, but also are well above average.

• Max Factor Nail Enamel Antique Gold - 10ml.   I love gold tones, but this color was not enough to cause my location. He began to peel off the next day and did not pass the test of dishwashing. It is inherent in cheaper brands - so it will fit on one day, but for more time it will not be enough.
Author: Ann, New York