Problems with nails. Simple solutions
 Do you think that the brittle layer of nails - it's a disaster? Read this article and realize that things are not so scary.

Brittle nails

This problem can be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, poor diet and the use of funds that are addictive. Avoid using products containing formaldehyde, it dries the nails and makes them very vulnerable. It is recommended to be applied on nails protective coating that protects them from adverse environmental effects. Wax Lip Balm wonderfully suitable for moisturizing the nails.


The reasons for their appearance may include the use of various detergents, rough handling with nails and lack of care. Using special scissors clip the burrs, but do it very carefully. Please note that the scissors are sharp and clean. To prevent the appearance of burrs should always massage the cuticle and use special means to care for her.

Uneven nails

Unfortunately, this is a very common phenomenon, most often it is the result of a genetic cause. Naturally change hereditary factors you can not afford, you can easily control them. Make it very easily with the help of the sawing and polishing of special funds. But be careful: if the structure of the nails have deteriorated recently, it may be a symptom of a disease such as anemia. In this case you should consult your doctor. Also cause uneven nail plate can be wrong manicure. When you are caring for your nails, pay attention not only the beauty, but also their health.

White spots

The most common spots are the result of too hard buffing, excessive use of lacquer. If you do not change in its procedures, do not be surprised appearance of new spots on the nails.

Yellow nails

This problem is caused by the lack of basic coverage for nails, sometimes it leads to nail fungus, so be careful. Ask for advice from a specialist, he will tell you how to get rid of the stains on what means you should pay attention.

Bitten nails

Unfortunately, not yet found a way to wean the man biting his nails. Although now there are special funds. The best advice in this case - to do manicures frequently, then your imperfect nails at least will not be evident.