The updated look of your nails
 Spring nails look more shiny and without polishing. How to achieve the same result at any time of the year?


Clean the nails with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover. Then, using pliers, gives nails the desired length. Then remove the cuticle, check whether all the nails now have a well-groomed appearance. Finally, wash your hands with liquid soap and clean nails specially prepared toothbrush.


Use a fine-grained nail file to give the nails a soft, rounded shape. Make sure that your nail file safe, pay attention to its roughness, it is very important for the state of the nails. File nails movement back and forth. "This is an exciting experience - to give your nails a certain form," - says Jane Arnold, owner of Creative Nail Design. "First, we attach the form, and then clear the nails - this is the principle of our work."


Remember that the main task of polishing is polished finishing nail plate without damaging it. When you use a fine saw blade grinding and polishing - coarse. Use exactly such kinds of saw blades, not to hurt your nails. Many experts Manicurist polishing method using a multi-faceted, so the nail plate gradually peels off, it does not cause any harm. We must work separately on each nail.

Pro Tips:

1. "Make sure that it is suitable for you the length of the nail, nails all the same length and shape" - advises Jessica Vartogian, President Jessica Cosmetics.

2. "In the treatment of cuticles, try not to damage it, so as not to cause contamination," - says Carolyn Chinkitto, a leading specialist in manicure in New York.

3. Carry bag special oil, cuticle nourishing, it is much more useful than the cream. In time applied to the nails, it gives it a magnificent view.

4. "Update manicure as often as you want, it will resume the process of circulation and give your nails a unique pink shade" - advises BEST Gonzalez, a specialist in manicure in Paris. "This is as important as the selection of products for hair."