Velvet hands, sharp little nails!
 Hands - a symbol of femininity, as well as a mirror of our age.
Constantly find themselves on the mind, hands - it's also an advantage that can not be ignored, just as we should not forget about the nails, which are some of the famous stylist named our hallmark.


Weak, poor water and natural lipids nails susceptible to external influences. Without proper care of the nails become dull, cloven, brittle, grooved. You can and should return them to the power and beauty appropriate care.

How would it not look like a kindergarten, nevertheless need to regularly cut the nails with special fine scissors, respecting their natural curvature. Then you need to file your nails in a single direction, without making a movement back and forth, not to weaken them. It is better to choose soft files, since the metal provoke micro-injury.

Perfect nails oval at the base and rounded at the end of easy, but not all women have the ideal shape of the nail. But! Applying varnish with guile, you can get the desired visual result.

Clean the nails from the old varnish solvent (avoid those that contain acetone, they, too degreasing the nail, making it fragile and brittle), and immerse them in a tub of soapy warm water. The golden rule - good hygiene: clean nails, clean them from top to bottom edge (in any case - a pair of scissors, which weaken the nails). Then rinse your nails thoroughly before you apply the gel for special care that allows the skin to remove overgrown cuticles with a wooden wand, entwined with cotton to avoid damage.

Use a white pencil to the edge of nails, to give them shape, and then polish the area with the help of nail polish. Apply a base coat to protect your nails from the harmful effects of varnish. Apply the paint, starting in the center, and then bring it to the edge of the nail. Not advisable to apply the varnish immediately after a bath or shower as the water softens the nails, making them loose and porous. Better to wait a few hours, when they become stiff.

If you want to play with paint, you can impose a different color on your ten nails, but always in the same tone. For a good result put 2 layers of varnish. Correct small blunders proofreader varnish. For ultimate success, complete smear super shine. Franche manicure in fashion, why not interpret, replacing the white edge of the nail present in red, dark brown, or purple?

If you decide not to apply the paint, nails short and square, you can also transform. To file your nails and clean the edge of the nail from the skin accrued. The final gesture - polishing. Unmatched classic: restore natural shine to the nails. Polishing stimulates and activates blood circulation, that is, does exactly that favors the growth of nails. For even more shine you can apply an ultra-shiny clear lacquer or base that protects the nail and helps to evenly apply paint.


Cold, friction and lime water is subjected to severe tests hands. To delay aging hands, it is necessary to look after them as carefully as for a person. In the morning massage them from shoulder to toe, lingering on the nails, so that they strengthen their protective film. Apply moisturizer while.

In the evening, soak your hands well softening, nourishing kremom.Chtoby to make this gesture of habit, do not forget to put hand cream on your night table.

MyCharm recommends the means to care for hands:

Bioperchatka Biotherm -   satin gloves, waterproof, anti-drying of the skin, has a preventive measure "anti-age" and strengthens nails.

Devnya Hand Cream: «Crème Mains Peaux Sèches de L'Occitane» - 20% of the oil-rich karitidovogo tree, as well as extracts of honey, almond and coconut oil.

Night cream for hands: «Soin des Mains pour la Nuit Herôm» - aloe vera, collagen, glycerin, with good flavor.

In case of need, with very dry skin on the hands, eat 2-3 times a week gloves for hands Talika,   impregnated inside a special texture to the formula of ceramides, grape seed oil and avocado. Term of Use gloves Talika - 40 times. It is an effective means for moisturizing the skin of hands