"Yes" and "no" in the care of nails
 Well-groomed hands and nails - is the pride of any girl. We visit various beauty salons, do yourself a bath, manicure, pedicure, buy all kinds of cream to keep your hands in the beauty and order. Just do not forget that bring their nails in order without visiting expensive beauty salons, limiting domestic procedures.

Let's get started ...

1.   To your pens looked well groomed, you need to constantly moisturize cuticles. To do this, buy a special cream to the cuticle at a drugstore or cosmetic store. In addition, moisturizing cuticles prevents the formation of various damage and peeling;

2. Before you undertake the cleaning of the house, working in the garden, washing the dishes, you need to take care of protection. Be sure to use gloves or lubricate hand protective cream - it will keep longer than the health of your hands and nails;

3.   To prevent brittle nails, and lamination is recommended to paint your nails with varnish or lacquer base. In addition, these coatings will extend the life of your manicure at least twice;

 Yes, "and no" nail care

4.   Do not use too much nail polish remover, or you risk damaging your nails;

5.   Deciding to do a manicure at home, do not push too hard cuticle, to avoid damaging it. Cut only the part of the cuticle, which lags behind the nails;

6.   To avoid damaging your nails, do not open their letters, cans, caps, etc. In such cases, in stores you can buy special tools: Stationery knife, can opener, corkscrew, etc.

 Yes, "and no" nail care

7.   Try to regularly lubricate hand moisturizer, not forgetting about the cuticle. This protects hands and nails from drying and dehydration. It is particularly important to lubricate hand cream after washing;

8.   Buy in-store products for hands containing UV-filters. Ultraviolet rays adversely affect the health of your hands and nails, accelerate aging;

9.   After each use, manicure set, disinfect instruments. Change your nail file, on the expiration of their professional competence. Nail files felled not only sawing, but also break the nails, causing them to foliation. Microbes that collects on the manicure tools can cause your handles a lot of problems. If you accidentally, when cutting the cuticles, damaged skin, disinfect the wound immediately, so as not to bring any infection. Infections can distort the shape of the nail, which would require recourse to experts - and it is unpleasant and expensive treatments. If you suddenly discovered signs of infection, use antibacterial ointments and creams to the infection from growing;

 Yes, "and no" nail care

10.   Do not use soap or detergents for baths - it weakens nails. Soap much damage nails and cuticles. It is better to use soft gels that can also be bought in a store;

eleven.   Do not remove the burrs - it may affect the skin of your hands. Deburring have special tweezers to help you carefully cut the cuticle;

 Yes, "and no" nail care

12.   Do not ignore inflammation of the cuticle and skin around the nail. As soon as you notice inflammation, lubricate the damaged area antimicrobial cream. If you find changes in the shape or color of the nail, consult a specialist;

13.   Arriving at the beauty salon, carefully make sure that the master is well crafted tools that he's going to do a manicure. Failure to follow these simple safety rules can result in you ENTERED hepatitis or AIDS.

These are the basic rules, following which you will be able to seamlessly maintain the health and beauty of their pens and marigolds.
Author: Svetlana Misnik