Can I return a few years: the little secret of "eternal schoolgirls"
 ... Once again, passing the school at the beginning of the school year we all could not help stare at advanced students. And at this moment somewhere back down the idea of ​​everyday difficulties, work and other matters. And suddenly there is a desire to return to that wonderful time when it was possible to solve minor troubles with the help of humble and innocent smile just enjoy new hobbies and life.

Typically, school years seem to be the most carefree. Therefore, considering the old photos of the time, we could not help feel a desire to return to his native class, which is associated with so many warm and exciting memories.

At least, each of us there is the desire to once again feel like a student. It's so nice to postpone the goods of life's problems, to remember how we were able to enjoy life and start to smile, as sweet and carefree, as it was then.

Unfortunately, not yet established a time machine that would return us to the past, even for a few moments. But stylists and designers offer a more comprehensive solution that can "revive" the emotions of his school years.

 Can I return a few years: the little secret of "eternal schoolgirls"

This decision is based on the psychological impact of a particular style of dress and makeup. After internally we always remain as we see in a mirror, is not it? So I suggest a closer look at what things will help us to extend or restore youth.

The traditional style of the eternal schoolgirl
Look younger, while hiding certain flaws help, in particular, extended sweaters (choosing who should focus on the size, a little more of your own) and blazers, flared skirt and belt straps. In addition, if you still feel a youthful enthusiasm and is ready to take decisive experiment - you can safely try on sweaters and jackets in the style of Western school uniforms.

 Can I return a few years: the little secret of "eternal schoolgirls"

Fully converted and enter into the image of yesterday's student "head" will help youth backpack and striped stockings above the knees. A walk-in closet can be supplemented with youth elements of traditional street fashion - flared pants, overalls and so-called "kengurushki" (sweaters with wide double pockets).

 Can I return a few years: the little secret of "eternal schoolgirls"

But the main thing - even if you give preference to calm pastel and beige tones - remember that only the abundance of bright colors will help bring back those forgotten feelings that you experienced in his youth.

The image of the girl, created by designer Mary Kuont
If the standard type of youth clothing seems to you too catchy, we recommend paying attention to the retro approach "school mode". Especially older models of clothes from time to time appear again on the podium and take their place in the wardrobe of a modern female students and female students.

 Can I return a few years: the little secret of "eternal schoolgirls"
   In particular, in the 50-60-ies of the last century in Britain there was a relatively simple and practical style that came into fashion history called "the image of women from Mary Kuont" (the name of its creator). The main components of this image are such garments as the turtleneck with a high neck, mini skirt, black tights and shoes (no heels).

By the way, while these things are perfectly combined with the active-minded rebellious London school and college students who loved rock 'n' roll and able to attract the attention of the representatives of the strong half. Probably, thanks to its special elegance, style Kuont Mary in the second half of the twentieth century began to actively distributed in many European countries.

So, if you - the owner of a slim figure, you can safely recharge wardrobe youth mini-skirts and tight-fitting sweaters. Moreover, this style is perfect for the office, and for parties with friends.

What extremes should be avoided
Of course, the "rejuvenation" of the wardrobe is always to the benefit of women, because it allows you to look at themselves differently and discover the strength for new achievements. However, it is worth noting that, in his bid to reclaim the years, many women may begin to "replay". Therefore, in the fashion-industry have been established certain unspoken rules to be followed by older women.

- First, you should be careful when choosing the open sexual things. It must be nice clothes to hide their shortcomings (including age-related changes). In other words, deep neckline and long cuts are not always appropriate.

- Secondly, we should not think that youth fashion provides an overabundance of colorful cosmetics. Especially if you look at modern fashionable girls, we can see that today they are able to apply a harmonious natural makeup. And the image of women after 30 bright and saturated colors shade of lipstick looks like a relic of the past.

 Can I return a few years: the little secret of "eternal schoolgirls"

- Thirdly, it should be thought out approach to the creation of a new hairstyle and its combination with your image. So, if you seriously decided to temporarily stay "disciple" - you are allowed each day to transform into a new role (for example, today are choosing outdoorsy clothes tomorrow - the street, the day after tomorrow - business suit / uniforms). But it is worth remembering that the loose hair is considered a symbol of modesty, collected in the shell - business show restraint and refinement, and the tail always looks easy and discreet.

 Can I return a few years: the little secret of "eternal schoolgirls"

To avoid inconsistencies style of clothing and styling you can set the main goal for myself today.
Author: Alla Pilipenko