From what things in the locker room is better to get rid of?
 From time to time we conduct an audit of all its wardrobe. And discovers that he is just breaking away from things. There is clearly a lot of nonsense, from what to get rid of, but we can not decide on what exactly ... Sound familiar?

There are several categories of things that you can not remove the sorrow from her wardrobe.

The first category - things with defects
Ragged, pogryzennye eaten, rolled up, stretched, shrunken after washing - in short, lost their marketability. If a thing is very convenient, and you absolutely do not want to part with it, you can remove it from the closet somewhere in another location or to take to the cottage. It is useful if you make repairs or perform any dirty work around the house.

The second category - the things that have long been out of fashion
Of course, we are not talking about the so-called "vintage" copies. If this is your grandmother's wedding dress, it may still be useful to you - provided that it has no defects. But a cheap blouse that you bought on the market ten years ago, when you decided to wear it, will cause the blank stares of passersby. Why did she tell you?

Just quickly go out of fashion, for example, coat and some models of raincoats and jackets. They may look still quite sturdy, but, of course, if you do not give a damn about the opinions of others, to wear them all the same it is not necessary.

The third category - the things you are small
Many continue to store them in a cabinet in the hope of trendy diets, but, in practice, while you wait for weight loss thing is for sure out of fashion. So we get rid of these instances without regret.

The fourth category - the things that you do not go
Well, it happens, buy a thing and then disappointed in it ... or you gave it to, say, a birthday, and she went. Why should it take up space in the closet?

The fifth category - things that you do not wear
It happens that a thing like all good, but we wear it somehow does not pull ... or once wore it, but not now. Or you do needlework, proud linked or related thing, but the case is not to put all podvorachivaetsja. One of my relatives, for example, there is a rule - if the thing stayed there two years in a closet never worn, she gets rid of her. Therefore, the garment has already played a role in your life.

The sixth category - "disposable" items
You once bought this thing, to put it in, say, graduation party or other event. She has performed its function, but where it can be worn again, you do not know too specific it looks too extreme color, cut, etc. Of course, you can leave it in the closet, but it just will take place there.

The seventh category - veschi- "doubles"
After going through a wardrobe, you will definitely find it somewhat similar things. Well, why do you, for example, two nearly identical black blouse? Or two red shirts? Remember, they take up space in the closet. Is not it better to get rid of them?

The word "get rid" I did not mean "to throw." Although, if we thing really junk, then the road to it only in the trash. More or less neat things you can park in front of the container - maybe they'll take the homeless, the poor, or those who are "junk" should be to the country.

Things that do not fit your size, but it is quite good, can offer to those who are in size can approach - relative, friend, neighbor, co-worker ... out of fashion dress, maybe will fit for any pensioner from among your family and acquaintances for pensioners fashion is not so important.

You can also collect all the "nekonditsiyu", except for items with different defects, and bring them to the nearest collection point for humanitarian aid. Those in need of clothes is always there, believe me! "Second-hand" sometimes sold in the markets, and it is in demand.

A special category - children's clothes
If you and your kids have grown out of some things to keep them in the house is no longer meaningful. If ever in the house again, there will be kids, better to buy them new things. Give stuff to those who need them now, those of your friends and acquaintances who have children in the family and who is not too rich. If not, you can again give things in "humanitarian aid" or try to sell them. The husband of my cousin once earned a good amount of selling things in the market of their son, of whom he grew up a long time.

It is also possible to advertise the sale of things, if they are good enough and valuable. Perhaps you have seen such ads: "Buy an evening dress in good condition ..."

Some things you can give to the theater, to the institutions of self-activity and the like, where required costumes.

Finally, option - Facelift thing and thrust her Staple "novelty", which you certainly will be wearing. In an era of shortages is often practiced in poorer families.

Your wardrobe should be only those items of clothing that you wear constantly or occasionally. Then the cabinet is not cluttered.
Author: Daria Lyubimsky