Style with minimal cost
 The correct way, as it is known, helps to solve many of life's challenges. Therefore, we take a responsible attitude outfits for important business meetings, for employment, for meetings.

 Style with minimal cost

Did you know that the little tricks sometimes help women look like a million, feel confident and successful at the same time spending a penny? By the way, these are tweaks and some successful business woman, stars and other idols that we admire.

I suggest to understand the secrets of this success.

Secret № 1. The ability to be "his own man" in any company
In an effort to enter into high society, we sometimes do not know how to overcome the natural excitement and morale to the equal dialogue in the new range.

But properly selected wardrobe gives confidence and helps to establish positive contacts. Subject to certain dress code - a key to success. This is particularly important for employment in reputable organizations.

 Style with minimal cost

After all, a wise proverb "meet on clothes ..." is appropriate in this case because, depending on your uniforms employers will develop a corresponding impression of your organization, traits and qualities.

Therefore, expertly following the dress code, you'll not only look like "a man", but also to make himself and others believe in their own superiority. And it is not necessary to buy a luxury business suit in a trendy boutique. The main thing - dress code, not its cost.

And if you take a selection of dresses adopt the style that is a priority among the employees of the company, it is will determine your success in the future.

Secret № 2. Ability to emphasize style with accessories
This little trick sometimes helps not to look "black sheep" in the company, where all dress up "haute couture" and discuss the latest trends in couture.

 Style with minimal cost

Properly fitted necklaces, brooches, bracelets and other "additional elements" attract attention and thus may be beneficial to disguise the real cost of clothing.

Of course, luxury jewelry is not worth a penny. But in order to emphasize the style enough to pick up low-priced accessories. After all, we women often feel intuitively, what decorations will transform our daily wardrobe.

 Style with minimal cost

But it is also important to focus on the circumstances, and to approach the issue of choice ornaments seriously, without fanaticism. For example, over such details would be inappropriate in the office and in the case where the clothing you give preference for minimalism.

Secret № 3. combining Talent
The well-known anecdote that women have two major problems - where to place your belongings and what to wear - is by and large to those who can not pick up clothes with taste, mix styles and create different images.

Indeed, there is no sense overflowing wardrobe, if you do not know how to choose the right thing for every occasion and combine different types of clothing.

 Style with minimal cost

By the way, this talent can save. It is important not just afraid to experiment. And then you can go back to the first point - having left a few key outfits, you can learn to be transformed for different situations, while remaining on a par with everyone else.

 Style with minimal cost
   Moreover, the modern fashion gently but firmly pushing us to experiment. So now it's time to be creative. For example, intellectual style is applicable to the office, and for a romantic walk. But in some cases efficiently add something of a minimalist, avant-garde or classical youth trends. Actually looks harmless folk style combined with jeans and simple, classic.

In general, there are several options of how to dress elegantly and economically. The main thing in this case - to prove a wise approach for women.

However, if you're hoping to start dating in high society, just changing clothes, it should be remembered that the most comfortable and happy one feels in his circle.
Author: Alla Pilipenko